Dog ID Tags

Dog ID Tags

A sad fact of life is that dogs do go missing from time to time. By having an ID tag on your dog’s collar stating your name, address and telephone number, you can save your dog the unnecessary stress of a pound visit. It will also keep you on the right side of the law, as even if your dog is microchipped, your dog is required to wear an ID tag when in a public place. Failure to do so can result in up to a £5,000 fine! Stray dogs can only be picked up by dog wardens, NOT the police or rescues so the first person to contact if you’ve lost your dog (or if you find a stray dog) is your local dog warden.

Please note that we do not recommend placing your dog’s name on the ID tag, as it makes it quite easy for thieves to claim the dog is theirs if it responds to its name.

We strongly recommend you microchip your pet too, just in case they lose their tag! Please check our website as we hold microchipping sessions across the county. ( Don’t forget that you can have your cat micro-chipped as well as your dog )

We would recommend that you have your pet neutered and attach an ” I am neutered” tag as this will deter dog-nappers who wish to breed from your dog. You may also like to consider having your pet tattooed by a professional, remembering to keep the tattoo clean at all times to keep it visible.

Photograph your pet from all angles, and keep the pictures up to date. e.g. when your puppy grows up he will look quite different from the ball of fluff you started with!