Our Adoption & Foster Policy


These are our basic requirements for adopting one of our animals, & offering a loving, permanent home.

Please note: We are based in west Wales & you will be required to meet/collect your dog from our kennels when appropriate. We do not offer a delivery service.

We ask that everybody in the household that will be living with the new pet be available when being visited by our home checkers. This is to include any other animals that you may have. N.B. We will not normally re-home terriers in a home with young children.

If you are hoping to re-home a puppy, (a dog under 18 months old), we do not like them to be left alone for more than 2 hours at a time. For older dogs – 4 hours is considered long enough to be left alone.

Part of our home checking policy requires that you have a secure garden, with a minimum 4-foot fence depending on the breed of dog. Athletic dogs will need a minimum 6-foot fence. We will also check for other hazards such as ponds etc. to make sure that they are protected. If fencing needs to be put in place, the animal will not be re-homed until the home checker has re-visited to check this.

Animals will not be re-homed if you are moving, going on holiday or if anyone in the household is pregnant, and we will not re-home if you are likely to be moving to countries abroad which are not covered by the Pet Travel Scheme. Nor will we re-home if you are considering moving abroad within six months of adoption.

If you live in rented accommodation, then written confirmation from your landlord, stating that animals are permitted, will be required, and we will not rehome to homes of multiple occupancy.

We have a full neutering policy. Our vets will neuter any animal old enough, and fit enough & we would only consider re-homing a dog or cat to a home where any other resident dogs & cats are neutered (except in special circumstances).

If you are homing an un-neutered puppy, then you will be required to sign an agreement to have the animal neutered at the earliest date as advised by your vet. This cost to be met by the adopter unless the animal is returned to Animal Rescue Cymru for neutering.

A home checker will contact you nearer the time to ensure neutering has been undertaken, and we will require a copy of the receipt from your vet.

We will not re-home any dog for use as a guard dog, unless to an organisation that has use of such dogs, and only after we have carried out stringent checks of such organisations.

We will not rehome any dog to live outside, unless that dog is a working dog & used to those conditions. Our home checker will need to see the outside accommodation to ensure it meets all the dogs needs & complies with the Animal Welfare Act 2006

If you are considering putting your pet into boarding kennels when you go away on holiday, you must ensure your pet is up to date with vaccinations, be covered for kennel cough, & use only reputable & licensed boarding institutions.

We would strongly advise that you consider taking out pet insurance for the life-time of the animal, or perhaps opening an account where you can deposit a small amount every month to cover the cost of any veterinary treatment.

We will always be available to offer advice and help wherever we can, throughout the lifetime of your rescued animal ,but in the event of the animal being unable to remain with you, he or she MUST be returned to Animal Rescue Cymru, & not passed on to, or sold to any third party.

PLEASE NOTE:  Under new legislation in Wales, from 6th April 2016, it is now compulsory for ALL dogs to be micro-chipped. ARC will register the dog’s microchip to the new keeper, upon completion of our adoption contract.

 It is the responsibility of the new keeper to ensure that all contact details are kept up to date. Failure to do so could result in a fine. Please note  – the keeper of the dog(s) is liable in law for the actions of all & any dog(s) registered to them.

N.B.  We ask for a minimum donation of £200, which is non-refundable & no animal will be rehomed without the appropriate donation (where applicable) being received.  Payment by cash,cheque, card, PayPal or BACS.   

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or email – rehoming@animalrescuecymru.co.uk

There will always be exceptions & we will try to help, but please remember – the welfare of our animals is our first priority.