Success Stories Archive

BELLA the toy Poodle has some new toy poodle ‘sisters’ to live with in Pendine! Have fun in your new home, Bella.

SALLY and BLANCHE (now Belle) more toy poodles, are being thoroughly spoilt in their new home in Cheshire with Tracy.
Hi, Hope u remember me, I had two toy poodles off you in Feb 2011 – Sally an apricot and Belle a white one. This is just a little note to say they are still doing great. They are my little monkeys and have me wrapped round their little toes – he he he he! Here is an up to date photo of them.

DESMOND the Cockerpoo went to live with a lovely family in Surrey. He’s settled in very well and just adores playing football with the boys in the garden! From Desmond’s new family.
Dear All, I adopted Desmond (a black cockapoo) and he is the most wonderful dog in the world. I cannot tell you what a delight he is, and all that meet him love him.

Lovely ROSIE, the bichon x, is now living the high life in Richmond, Surrey. She’s being treated like a pampered princess, just what this little girl deserved.

PACO, the huskamute has moved to live with a Husky mad family in Wiltshire and is loving her new ‘pack’.

CIDA a Jack Russell x, has remained nearby and is settling in well with his new family – he’s even managed to sway a close friend over to being a small dog lover!

MOLLY the black Lab has gone to live with Ron, a retired vet in Malborough; he describes her as his ‘dream dog’.

ARTHUR and SASHA, two lovely older Collies, have gone to live a relaxing life in Crymych, with some other Collies.
Sad News:  Arthur  has now gone over the rainbow bridge- sleep well lovely boy.

JACK the Jack Russell has gone up to Angelsey to join John’s Jack Russell enthusiasts household!

BORIS, a Siberian Husky, has gone to live with Kurt in Havant and will be meeting up with lots of other Huskies and Malamutes on a regular basis. Nice one, Boris!

DODGER the Jack Russell has gone to live in Camberley with Carol.

TINA and TERRI, the toy poodles have gone to live with mum and daughter – Juliette and Christine in Hampshire. We look forward to lots of photos

MEG the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has stolen the heart of her fosterer and has now become a permanent resident, with a Westie and a Bassett hound for company.

LOUIS the lurcher puppy,has found his perfect home in Surrey with Misty the lovely greyhound girlie.

GREEBO a deaf, white cat was handed in as a stray and was instantly offered a home as an indoor cat in Cardiff where he is enjoying the life of Riley!
SAD NEWS- Greebo went into renal failure just before Christmas, and he is now running pain-free over the rainbow bridge. RIP Greebo

HOLLY the x-breed, has gone to her new home and is making herself truly comfortable

MEG & JODIE two senior rough collies whose owner sadly died, have gone to live in Lancashire together, and have really made themselves at home. Pictures to follow.

SUGGS & SID , one whippet & one whippet x have gone to a whippet friendly home in the North of England.

ELSIE the Jack Russell is living with a lovely lady in Devon who woke her up at 5am on her first morning to take her out for a walk. I think Elsie would much rather have stayed in her bed !!

ROCKY, a Lab x was a private rehome, but we managed to find him a lovely home almost right on a 7 mile long beach, so he is in his element.

BABE the lovely black labrador has gone to live with a lab mad family in Berkshire, and even has the Queen for a neighbour !

JACK our 10yr young Jack Russell has found a permanent home with Karen and it was love at first sight ! He is going to have the life of Reilly which he so richly deserves. Thank you Karen for taking Jack into your home ( and heart !)
Jack’s success story from the lovely Karen, who has adopted him, and it makes the re-homing we do all the more rewarding. Thank you Karen and all the wonderful people who have so far adopted dogs from A.R.C.
The journey back was long, but worth while as he was in his bed on my knee the whole way and it made him realise how much I liked him I think!!  He kept nudging my hand if I stopped rubbing under his chin.Jack was very excited to see where we lived and enjoyed a walk through the woods when we first arrived and then a look at the ducks and water – he paddled his little feet, but that was as far as I would let him go!
He had a good look round the house and after his dinner just went and lay in his bed.  When Steven lay on the sofa to watch a film later on, I went into the lounge to find him laying on his chest asleep.He literally just follows me everywhere, just watching, and this morning his little tail was wagging whilst out in the woods at 7am.  He was amazing last night and just lay in his bed next to mine where I could see him.  He woke for a shake at 3.20am but that was it until my alarm told us to get up and go exploring!
I will attach some pics to send you of where he now lives and him in his bed last night.  It feels like I am whole again, and can’t believe  how lucky I am to have found Jack.  Words couldn’t explain, even if I try.

LOUIS our adorable little Jack Russell has gone to live locally with Yvonne and a lovely girlie dog for company, and not far from the beach, so he will have a really fun time on his walks.

KERIN a lovely, friendly Jack Russell has gone to live with Majorie in Cornwall. Kerin was so loving when she came in that we didn’t even have time to post her and Majorie fell in love with her straight away.

M J a x-breed, is now living in North Wales with Colin and having plenty of long walks, which she will thoroughly enjoy.

JACK the cockapoo, has gone to live with Maria in Kent, and will be loved forever.
I just thought I would let you know how Jack is. He has settled in very well. He really is a lovely dog and has won all of our hearts. Words can’t express how happy/lucky we are to have him. He was a bit timid at first, was barking at his own reflection in the glass door. He was a little frightened of the cat but they are both starting to get used to each other already and although they are not best buddies they can pass within feet of each other without any aggression.Thank you again for Jack and all the hard work you do for homeless animals.
Maria & Jamie

MEG the lovely Blenheim C.K.C. Spaniel is now living the life of luxury in Swansea and will be treated like a Queen !

TY,the friendly labrador, is now living with a young couple who will spoil him rotten and is going to really enjoy the one-to-one human company he had been deprived of for so long.

KAZ, ( now  Matilda)another of our C.K.C. Spaniels, is now living in a lovely home in Cheshire with her new friend, a boy cav, and enjoying all the attention.

PAMMIE & MAY our two toy Poodles have gone to live with Sue, and she decided to have them both as they were best of friends and she didn’t want to split them. Thank you Sue

ROSIE is now living the quiet life, locally with Diana, and she will be enjoying all the attention.

HOLLY our lovely older Westie is now enjoying a new life in Berkshire, and will be spoilt rotten.

BRIAN the disabled bunny has gone to a bunny-mad lady & will be well looked after for the rest of his life.

HONEY-BUNNY is now living in the lap of luxury with all her other bunny friends.

GERRARD has gone to live locally, with a very experienced family, and will soon be settled into his new life.

WOODY is now living in Oxfordshire with David & Jilly and will be loved forever. Jilly says that Woody is just adorable and all her relatives, neighbours & friends love him to pieces !

PATCH is now living in Lampeter and has his first appointment with the groomer since joining his lovely new home .

KITTEN one lovely black & white kitten has gone to live with another black kitten and will really be enjoying his new home.

ELLIE our pet rat, has been adopted by a very rat friendly family who live locally.

SNOWY likes her foster home so much that she has decided to stay !

ZENA is going to live with the daughter of one of our committee members who fell in love with her at first sight !

TREVOR is a Jack Russell who came to us with a very bad skin complaint. We are very lucky to have a benefactor who has come forward to have Trevor on permanent foster and is willing to fund all his treatment for the rest of his life.Thanks Pat & doggy hugs from Trevor!

HUNI has gone to live with the lovely Sue, who only got back from her holidays at 3am and couldn’t wait to collect her the following morning!!

OLE, our big German Shepherd, is living in a lovely, experienced GSD home with acres of land to enjoy himself in. Thanks Owen for taking this big boy into your home.
SAD NEWS:  this young boy, was pts last night (14/06/12), as he had bloat and the vets says he was too far gone to save. He turned out to be a fantastic dog and had loads of fans, had lots of pictures taken of him sitting on his garage forecourt – and he will be sorely missed by Owen, his family and his customers.  – R.I.P. Ole.

JIMMI & CHARLIE,our older kittens, have gone to live locally with a very cat-friendly family.

LILLY is living with Emma and her family in Nottingham, and having the time of her life. Thanks Emma for taking this little girl.

ROSIE arrived in her new home after quite a long journey back to Manchester, where she seems to have made herself very much at home. Thank-you Julie for giving Rosie her well deserved, forever home.

DAISY a gorgeous little bundle of fluff, Pomeranian, didn’t even make it onto our web site before her new family saw her and immediately fell in love with her. She has gone to live locally with two other dogs, and is already ruling the house-hold, including her new brother, a big soft giant of a rottie !!

ARMARNI, (now WILLOW), is living in Kent with a lovely family who will give her all the love & attention she needs.

KITTENS all our kittens have now gone to local homes.

TOFFEE was adopted by a lovely, local couple and their two other dogs, and have promised to build him up and give him lots of cuddles.

JESSIE went to her new home in Reading today to join a lovely family who will give her all the attention she needs.

POPPY (No 2) our beautiful lemon & white cockapoo has gone off happily in the car with Jackie on her journey to her new home in the Midlands, and was already trying to sit on Jackie’s knee before they had gone very far down the road !!

SOPHIE & VELVET have gone to live with mum & daughter – Kate & Emily, and after a very long journey back to West Yorkshire they have both settled into their respective homes. Lots of pictures are promised !
I just thought I would let you know how Sophie and Velvet have got settled in.  Sophie has settled in quickly and has really bonded with my mum. She is now known as Millie and loves to go out for walks and is really friendly and happy doggy. Her cheeky and bright personality is starting to shine through and my children love to play with her and watch her play and chase with her favourite ball.
Velvet (Blossom to us) is coming along really well. We have taken it very slow and steady with lots of positive reassurance and love.  She has gone from hiding in the far corner of the garden to exploring all over it and now coming into the house voluntarily and responding to her name and coming when called. She is happy to come forward and smell everybody’s hands and has started to enjoy the occasional tickle and stroke and has even had 3 cuddles on my knee when its quiet. She even touched noses with my son today which delighted him.  We are so happy she is settling with us and are really looking forward to helping her build her confidence in the future.  She sees Sophie regularly and they are always pleased to see each other.
 Thank you for our two lovely dogs.

POPPY (No 1). Our gorgeous cocker spaniel has gone to live in Kent with Mandy & her family and has now got Oscar, another, almost mirror image cocker spaniel for company.

CRYSTAL went happily off to her new home in Cornwall to meet all her family and friends. We look forward to an update.
We made it back to Cornwall. Crystal was fantastic in the car and has met our cats and dog. She is such a lovely sweet dog that even our timid black cat has stayed in the house- normally she would take a while to come in the house when there is someone new. All the dogs went for a run on the dunes although as you said it will take time to settle in.My son thinks she is great and is absolutely delighted.
Thank you so much for finding us such a special dog.

FLOOSIE couldn’t wait to meet her new family in LLanelli and didn’t even give a backward glance when she was driven away ! Thank you Rozeanne for taking her into your family.

ZAC had been with us for so long that he had almost become part of the furniture in his foster home. That is until Maria & her family came on the scene, and it was love at first sight !

BILLY has gone to live with Jill in Swansea and will be treated like a King – just what he deserves. Thankyou Jill.

MACTAVISH (now called Louis),a lovely, lively young Westie boy came in to us & was rehomed before he even made it on to our web site. He has gone to live in the Midlands with two other dogs for company, and left us without even a backward glance!!

Louis on the right, basking in the sunshine
Hi – I use to be called Mactavish. I’m a westie that went to live with another westie and cockapoo in the Midlands..I’m in Spain for a while and yet another rescue dog has joined us..a Yorkie. All four of us boys get on great…I’m not as grumpy as I used to be and we play chase in the garden and walk on the beach. We push and shove to get on our mums lap!! I was adopted in 2011 and I didn’t look back when I left….thanks to all for the great job you do with all us woofs…I’m really happy and so is my mum Diane..xx 

DEVON has gone off to the Midlands to live with Nina & her family, and as Nina is a dog-groomer, he will always look his best ( if he keeps still long enough !)

ELLIE a senior Westie has found a loving home with Eileen and her collie, and will be staying locally, so I’m sure we will bump into each other.

JACK, our very energetic cockapoo has gone to live with Terry & his wife in the Midlands, but I’m sure they have enough energy to keep up with him.

BONNY is now living it up in a lovely local home and managing to keep everybody on their toes !

JESSIE has gone to a lovely home in Llanybydder, with William, and will be spoilt rotten by her new family.

LOTTIE spending her twilight years with a lovely gentleman, also in his twilight years, in Berkshire, so they will have lots of time together to enjoy life.

PIGS – we have also managed to rehome 2 old spot x’s and 2 Berkshire  pigs to a lovely local family, as pets.

CHARLIE has gone to a live in Shropshire, in a home that is used to Staffies and all their ways, and he will have the time of his life there. Thank you Becky & Terry

PEPPER has gone to live & play with two teenagers ( and mum & dad!) in Cheshire, and even has her own sofa .

BUSTER has gone to live locally with David, and because Buster is a senior dog, we have put him on permanent foster, so thank you David for giving this lovely boy a comfortable, loving home for his remaining years.
Sad News – sadly David passed away and Buster is now in a new permanent foster home with Jacquie. RIP David
More Sad News – today 5th August 2015 Buster travelled over the rainbow bridge. R.I.P. Buster & run free now handsome boy.

SAMMI our pretty 8yr old cat, whose brother sadly died on the operating table, has now gone to live with a lovely lady locally, and we’re sure he’ll enjoy the rest of his life in a nice, comfortable home.

MAX our young Jack Russell is now living the life of luxury with a local couple who are big Jack Russell fans, and he will be spoilt rotten !

KHAN our young whippet,is now living with Wendy & her family in Cheshire. As Khan can be a thief where food is concerned – we think Wend is very brave to take him into her home, as she is in the catering business.  Still, as long as she caters for Khan – I’m sure he won’t mind one little bit !

BENNY has gone to live with Shelagh & David on a beautiful farm on the edge of the Brecon Beacons & will enjoy his life with two other doggy friends.
Hi All,
Just thought you may like an update on Benny, now known as Snow. We adopted Snow in Nov 2011, you will probably remember a mainly white visually impaired little collie who spent most of his time rolling over for cuddles……..well nothing changes there! He is still just adorable and somewhat indulged by everyone he meets, spends lots of time running in the hills, swimming and playing with two collie friends. He likes his basket but prefers a soft lap to sleep on. He is very happy and settled in his forever home but we felt a big ‘Thank you’ was required to you all for the pleasure of him being rehomed with us.
David and Shelagh

BRUN0 now called HARLEY, has gone to live by the sea, and is going to train to be a carriage-driving dog, which is what Dalamatians were originally bred for, so we look forward to lots of photos.
Update :After a very noisy, 8 hour journey home, Harley seems to have settled in well. He has now been to three dog training sessions, but Celia says that he still hasn’t learnt a thing! However, he went for his first carriage run today & was just a natural – managing to complete 6 miles & still come home with boundless energy.

DORA happily trotted off to her new home today, with Sara & Mark, & she will soon be enjoying the company of another French Bulldog-x young man and enjoy leading him a very, merry dance !
Sara says – here are pictures of Dora relaxing on the sofa with Timo (they are firm friends now ), and looking superior on Mark’s knee ! She is enjoying life now & is much loved & a great addition to our family. We are grateful to you for making that possible. Finally I would like to add that I think you are doing a fantastic job organising new homes & looking after all those poor, sad animals. We were so impressed when we came for a visit. You work so hard & for no personal gain. Thank goodness for you !

BLUE one of our “stickies” has finally found a place in Nuneaton with Shell – so thank you Shell for giving him a chance. Collies are very difficult to rehome in Wales, as there are so many of them around.

SPICE is now safely ensconsed with Becky & her family, and will be learning to behave like a dog should. Spice ( and all of us at A.R.C. ) are truly grateful that she has been given a safe, calm & peaceful home to spend the rest of her life, and we know that she will be loved like never before.

JIMMI met his new family & he charmed them so much that they fell instantly in love with him, and he is now making him self at home & being thoroughly spoilt ( although not too much we hope! )

BOBBY has now gone all the way to Shropshire to live with the lovely Iris, and we hope to get lots of news when he has settled in.

LUKA has now gone to live with her new owners in York I hope they know how to speak Hungarian as she was originally from there.  Good luck with
that one.

TOBY has found his new home in Norfolk. We wish him and his new owners all the best.

SUSIE the lovely Jack Russell has gone to live with Elin & her family in Llanon after the family were distraught at losing their beloved Jack Russell

ROCKY the lab x is living locally with a lovely lady in Llechrhyd

TIA is living the life of Reilly in the Wirral

RUSTY is being spoilt rotten with a lovely family in North Wales.

MARIE – one of our lovely Westies has gone to live with Jackie in Newcastle Emlyn and is being treated like the princess she deserves to be.
Marie is loving family life and is showing a bit more of her cheeky character everyday. Her mission in life is to be cuddled as much as possible and she is achieving this with ease as she is so lovely lol She is much braver after only a week of living with us and wags her tail loads now.

FREYA is not a rehomed dog as her owners have decided to improve their fencing & keep her – so well done for loving her enough to want to keep her.

MAY was missed so much by her family that she has gone back to live with them.

CHRISSIE has found a loving home with Michelle  & Julie at last, after being with us for so long – she is being spoilt rotten now!
We have Chrissie & what a lovely dog she is .. she’s fast asleep on my settee. We love her to bits already :)Thank you so much to everyone who cared for her,trained her & helped her on the way to becoming the lovely lady that she is 🙂 This is Chrissie in her new garden.

JINGLE is living with a truly lovely family.

Jingle running around in his new garden

This is from Aimee – Just thought I’d share a picture of Jingle, who we rehomed about 4 months ago, enjoying the glorious weather! Thank you to everyone at Animal Rescue Cymru for helping us rehome her, as she is absolutely brilliant!

October 2014,
Hi there
We adopted Jingle the mixed terrier from you about 2 and a half years ago, and we are moving house so I just wanted to update you for your records.
Jingle is still doing really well and we love her so much – adopting her was the best thing we ever did!
Many thanks,
Best wishes,
Aimee  and Terry 

JIMMI has  gone to live in York with a gentleman who is used to cantankerous Yorkies !

BIMBO  has gone to live with Andy, one of our out-of-hours council workers who couldn’t bear to be without a dog on his walks in the woods.

TOOTS & PHOEBE have both gone to live with the lovely Jan, who came to choose one of them & couldn’t bear to part them, as they were best friends. Thank you Jan for being brave enough to give your love to both of them.

3 X Semi-Feral cats have gone to do the wonderful job of protecting some pet bunnies from being eaten by rats .

LEO the daxy has gone to live with Dale & Natalie at RAF Alconbury looking after our American friends. No-one is going to mess with them with him around !!

SAM has gone to live with Caroline and his new girlie collie friend.He has settled in already by sitting on the dinnig table & window ledge – demolishing a vase & daffs in the process ! He’ll get the hang of living in a house soon – we hope !

VINNIE has gone to live with Carol locally, with a gsd girlie companion. He will have a lovely smallholding to run around on and keep all the stray cats off…with a nice warm fire to cwtch up to at night.
Just a quick mail to let you know Vinnie is well and happy. He is a lovely dog and he and kez get on great. People are always commenting on what a nice dog he is. He has learnt to ignore the hens and keep out of reach or the horses and cows

FLO has now been rehomed with to a lovely home.

BERT our Beagle x J/R has gone to live with a family in the Bristol area.

MOJO & SOLO have really fallen on their feet & gone to live in Herefordshire & be film stars !! So watch out for them. They will be signing autographs before you know it !
Just a note to let you know how the delinquents are doing!!!! Fantastic!!!! They are so full of fun. Just been on a long walk with a Jack Russell which they loved. Still very naughty on the lead but that will come. They are both so good with other dogs. I am loving having them. They are both gaining weight and looking good. Very used to my routine and have settled in so well. I will keep you up on their progress and promise photos soon.
Thanks again for letting me take them on.
 Jules, Mojo and Solo.

RIA the lively Springer is now running around in loads of space in Lancasahire in the grounds of a private college. Who will be teaching who I wonder ?

TOMMY our tom cat with attitude has now settled into his new home after being in “time-out ” camp.

SHANE, the lovely collie that went to stay with a fosterer has now become a permanent resident as they couldn’t bear to part with him, and he follows his new “mum” everywhere – just to make sure he won’t get left again !

FYNN has gone to  a new home in England. I’m sure he’ll keep them on their toes !

SCRAPPY DOO the Jack Russell, has now gone to live with his new family and will give them lots of cuddles, I’m sure

RED is living with a lovely, local family now, & being treated like a princess.

SADIE has gone to live in Cilcennin, with her new family, and taking up all the sofa – I’m sure !

BUDGE(now  ZIPI) has bounded off to Carmarthen, with his new family, and his tail is still wagging !

TOBY has gone to live in Somerset & is being treated like a king !
Just to let you know that Toby settled in easily. He is a lovely dog and seems very happy. He accompanies me twice a day on the school run which incorporates a long walk and ten minutes off lead exercise in a big field with a ‘ball on a rope’. He also has the run of our 1.5 acres which he loves. He is wary of our cats who are none too impressed but they are largely ignoring each other, and he quickly learned to leave the chickens alone. His bed is tucked away in an alcove and he often takes himself off for a little peace and quiet there. He loves meeting all the kids outside school and is a very friendly chap. We are delighted with him and he is very relaxed and happy and getting lots of love and play.

PATRICK ( now LUCKY) is now living locally and will gain in confidence & strength every day.

ZOOM – ( the clue is in the name !), has gone to live locally & I’m sure they’ll enjoy the energy levels !

RIA the lovely English Bull Terrier has gone to another rescue where they have a home waiting for her. Good Luck Ria.

PHANTOM & his sister PHOEBE have gone to live with the lovely Pat in Lancashire

TWIZZLE (now called FLICKA) is stayng with her fosterer as he  couldn’t bare to part with her !

TAZ (now called Cassie) is living with a lovley family in LLanybydder, & enjoying her new life.
Hi, hope you get these photos ok of the lovely Cassie (formerly Taz) out enjoying a lovely long walk with her pals then a nice rest on the sofa. She’s a real joy!!!!

 HAMISH the westie that didn’t even make it to our web site went to stay with a fosterer & has decided he likes it so much he’ll stay !

JACK, the lovely Springer has also decided to stay with his fosterer. Good choice Jack !

SCRATCH, our older Jack Russell is living locally with Denzil & hopefully they will be company for each other.

HONEY has happily gone off to her new home today. She is a very lucky girl as she has two homes to choose from – one in Cardiff & one in Bristol.
Just to let you know that Honey slept in the back seat of the car yesterday all the way to her new home. Also, slept well last night. She has already enjoyed a good walk with us. She does sleep a lot. Bless her. 🙂 

SMURF is now living locally with a lovely lady & her C.K.C spaniel who was missing her doggy friend, that had sadly died. Let’s hope that Smurf can cheer her up.

LACEY is now living with her new terrier friend in Newcastle & is giving lots of affection (in return for lots of treats !)
 Just thought that I would let you know that Lacey is settling in just fine, she has definitely found her feet! She has been having lots of treats and loves a big cuddle. Lacey and Lyla are becoming good friends and spend last night cuddling together on our bed!! (There wasn’t much room for us!) I have attached a picture.

PIP our beautiful Welsh collie is now living locally with a lady who has been waiting for that special Welsh collie to come along. It was love at first sight!
Just a quick message to let you all know how wonderfully Pip has fitted into our lives, he is so loving and adaptable it seems like he has been here forever. We have just returned from 2 weeks in our Camper Van, in Cornwall, which he absolutely loved, he spent many hours running around Bodmin Moor with his new sister Ginny. I have attached some pictures of Pip on Holiday for you. Thank you for finding us such a wonderful dog.

JOCK (WEE DRAM) has gone “back home” so to speak & is now living in Scotland with a lovely family.
Thought you may like an update and some photos on Jock formally ‘Wee Dram’ (living in Scotland we thought shouting out Wee Dram across a park may get us a few dodgy looks)
We can’t quite believe how well Jock has settled in. He absolutely loves company and cuddles. We have found that he also likes squeaky balls so much so the squeaker went on his first ball in the first week.

His hair Is growing in nicely however I’m not sure if Jock has gotten used to the lovely Scottish wind blowing them into his eyes 🙂
He loves going for walks we have had him round lochs and up in the glens.
He didn’t really like going near water to start with but today with the encouragement of a border collie (Sky – Ruaridh’s Dads dog and a springer spaniel -Penny – Ruaridh’s sisters dog) today he went for a swim.
We have quite a big park seconds from our home so we take him there daily and were pleased to say that when off the lead he comes bounding back to us and we have had no issues what so ever.
He still barks a little when he comes across dogs he hasn’t met before but he is getting better by the day.
He also ‘talks’ to us and sings away to us if he is really excited.
Thank you so so much for introducing him into our lives. We really cannot imagine a life without him.
Louise, Ruaridh & Jock x and Phoebe

CAGNEY, our beautiful Huskamute is living the life of luxury with her new family, who met her while we were collecting at the Cardigan Bay Seafood Festival.  Bless!

BUBBLES  is now living in Milton Keynes with a lovely family, and enjoying herself very much.
Photos of Bubbles in her new home:
Just thought I’d let you know that Bubble’s is doing brilliantly! We’ve started doing agility on Sunday mornings and she absolutely loves it, not to mention plenty of muddy walks lol! Her training is coming on really well too and she loves it most of the time (though she does have her silly pup moments he he) Attached a few pictures of her out and about and at agility.
21/06/13 -We adopted Bubbles off you almost a year ago now and she is doing amazingly well  we even foster for a collie rescue now so she is being a good friend to dogs who need them! We’re so lucky to have her and thank you so much for letting us 

POPPY, our pretty Westie is now living locally & we await photos – plenty of them!

ROLO has now moved to Buckinghamshire with a lovely family ( & 2 doggy friends ). They met him when  we were collecting at Aberaeron at the Cardigan Bay Seafood Festival. It was love at first sight !
Rolo (on the right of the picture), came to live with us from ARC back in July. Here he is having a great time on the beach last weekend with our other two lively hounds!

ALFIE has gone to another rescue in North Wales, where they have a home waiting for him.

HERO, the young Border Collie has so made himself at home with his fosterer that he has decided to stay – he knows what side his bread’s buttered ! ( and his fosterer loves him loads !)

The three ex-breeding Chinese Cresteds that we had have now gone to live the rest of their lives with one of our Patrons – Pat in Lancashire. Thanks a million Pat

 BOB  is now living with a really lovely family & this is what they have said about him:
 Bob has settled in astonishingly well; He went to his bed at about 9p.m. I crept up 2hrs later; he made no attempt to follow me up the stairs and after moaning a few times he was quiet. Some noises at 6.30a.m. I let him out and he was back in two minutes. He has spent most of both days under the patio table. My cleaner bonded with him this morning as did a lady visitor this p.m. He didn’t even hear the Postman! Some guard dog. Chris and A walking him at present. I am so pleased to have met you both and overjoyed that you brought Bob and me together. Your commitment and kindness seem to know no bounds. 
He is worn out after a long walk yesterday, when he was much admired by those whom he met; He shunned the sea when he was taken to the seashore and U turned immediately! He took to his bed at 6pm and has slept ever since.

MANDY the lovely Staffie is now living every man’s dream. She is living in Aberystwyth above (& sometimes in) a pub. She will just love all the fuss & attention that she’ll be getting from now on – and very well deserved it is. Good Luck Mandy.

PABLO, the adorable puppy is now living in Manchester & the family were so keen to fetch him that they left home at 5am – silly-o-clock!
Hi Just to let you know we got home without any problems yesterday. Pablo is great and has fitted in really well as you can see from this picture. The other dogs are Amber (aka Rosie the dog we got last year from you ) Lucy (Cockapoo) and you can just see Belle (Cocker Spaniel).

HUGO, the elderly Springer Spaniel is now living a comfortable life locally and keeping his new owner company.
AZURE,(now called Mitch) our Springer is now living locally & enjoying her new home.
 SAD NEWS: We have also learnt that Mitch (Azure as was), the handsome Spaniel, has just been diagnosed with cancer & may undergo radiotherapy. Fingers (& toes) crossed for this lovely boy to pull through.
Sadly Mitch succumed to his bladder cancer on the 15th January 2014 & has now journeyed over the rainbow bridge. R.I.P. Mitch

BEUCHANAN our senior Scottie is now living locally with a lovely lady & will enjoy his retirement years.

DAISY our nervous Boxer-X gained in confidence while she was with us & is now living with a local family who will give her all the love & affection she deserves. Good Luck Daisy – enjoy !!
Just thought we would drop you a line to let you know how Daisy is getting on. As you can see from the photo she has made herself at home! We are really happy with her and hopefully she is really happy with us. Daisy loves longs walks and she loves the beach (she is not sure what to make of the sea but she is making her own mind up slow about that!)
We now have a wonderful new hole in the sofa thanks to Daisy trying to hide her new bone – thankfully it’s old sofa!
Thank you for a wonderful dog (we know we have a long way to go but she is great fun and very funny and I think she is slowly trusting us)
Best wishes
Chantal, David, Toby

OAKEY,the lovely gentle giant Husky , has gone to live in Pontypridd & enjoying all the attention he’s getting now.
Hi there -Oakey has settled in brilliantly, very happy. Here are some pics for you to see. We are so happy we brought him home, and he is loving his big back garden and long, long walks in the mountains. As one of the pictures shows – it wears him out lol.Thank you very much for everything and please keep in touch so we can keep you up to date with how he’s getting on.

CRYSTAL has moved in with a family who live locally & being treated like the princess she really is !

JINGLE has happily gone off to her new home to be spoilt rotten !

KITTEN – the remaining little black & white kitten has now been rehomed locally.

ROCKY (now called BEN) the young GSD is now living locally  with Lesley & her family, and all the chickens, pigs & cat. He will have plenty of fun running round their fields with their children. Good Luck Rocky !
Ben after 4 years. What a difference!

KIMMIis now living in the lovely Cheddar district & having a whale of a time with Jeremy.

JESSIE our Blue roan spaniel has gone all the way to West Yorkshire to settle.

DARCY the sweet Chihauhau-x -westie that proved so popular with people has gone to live with a lovely family in Milford Haven, so not too far away.

TAROT is now enjoying life with Emma & Andy who are both very active, so Tarot will get all the fun & exercise he needs, and eventually he will be going to college!

MAX the feisty Jack Russell has gone to another rescue that specialise in terriers & where he will be more likely to find a terrier-friendly home.

KELLY ( now called Ella) has gone to her new home & is being treated like the lovely princess she is !
Just to let you know how well Kelly (now called Ella) has settled in and how well she is doing.We fell in love with her as soon as we saw her. Our other Bichon – Munchkin loves her also, and they both get on well as you will see by the picture. She really has settled in very well and has her Daddy wrapped around her little paw!!
Thank you once again for giving us the chance to give her a loving home and I think that what you all are doing
for the animals is amazing.

BACH, after having two large tumours removed from his bottom, is now happily living locally with Darren & his son.

OZZIE – we have withdrawn Ozzie from rehoming as his mistress couldn’t bear to part with him after her relationship breakdown – so he is staying with her now. Hope it all works out for Ozzie.

JESSIE was snapped up by a lovely lady who had adopted a spaniel from us a short while ago, and she just fell in love with Jessie as soon as she set eyes on her.

LILY (now called EVIE)  is now living in Wiltshire with a new doggy friend called Jack – who came from another rescue, so they can compare notes !
Lily is starting the process of settling in, she’s now called Evie. As you found, she’s a timid, serious little thing, but no trouble whatsoever, bless her. She and Jack are getting used to each other. She shows her teeth if he shoves past her in his rush to get somewhere and he’s getting respectful of that. No probs at mealtimes. I had to give her a bath as she was pretty smelly which she endured though didn’t enjoy, but it keeps the husband happy 😉  We’re letting her find her place in her time, not forcing attention on her, and occasionally she will reward us with a gentle wag. Yesterday I threw Jack’s ball and she lunged to chase too….so I let her off so she could be in on the game and she came out of herself, I could see the collie in her properly, all hunkered down and waiting for the action. She even caught the ball a few times and ran a bit with it. She came back nicely too which I’m pleased about as it was a little soon for her to go off lead.

HENRY has gone to live with a local lady – Jackie and her three other dogs, all of whom he adores. He has plenty of land to run around in & he even ignores the chickens !

KAI has settled in with  lovely lady from LLanybyther & another doggy  friend.

FLYNN is now living the life of “riley” in Cheadle with a loving family.
I thought we would drop you a line to let you know that Flynn has settled well into our family. He has soon mastered how to jump into the back of our car when we take him out. Last weekend he walked to the summit of Snowdonia and back down again.Every Thursday we take him to dog training lessons. He is clean in the house, as you expected, and the children love him to bits.We are so pleased to have him.
Thanks for everything
Carolyn & Andrew

HARRY has gone to live locally with the lovely Lorraine & a gorgeous Cocker Spaniel called Harvey

HAZEL is now living in Merthyr Tydffil with someone who has had GSD’s “forever”, so will be living a really comfortable life now, and will become a seasoned traveller as she will be taking her holidays in France !

FLIKA, the “waggy” lurcher is living locally with another lurcher for a friend & will love their walks on the beach together.

MOUSE has found his perfect home with a lovely family in Carmarthen, & I’m sure we will be getting lots of photos.

POPPY has also gone to live with a lovely, local family & we’re sure she will be treated like the little princess she is.

DIESEL ( was Dylan) the handsome staffie is now living a life of luxury with a family in Neath, who fell in love with him as soon as they saw him.
Just to let you know that Diesel is fab. He loves his walks ,loves the children and loves his bed lol ,he also loves jumping in the canal.The only thing he doesn’t like is post men .Thanks ever so much ,he’s part of the family,we would be lost without him . Sarah

BERTHA is now living with a lovely, local lady & with her new collie friend – Meg.
As promised just to let you know how Bertha is getting on. Basically she is a little star – full of energy, mischief, very bright (too much so at times) but all in all I think we have a successful team. She does have issues, the worst being insecurity when left, to the point where even if I left the room she would pee on the floor. Night time has been awful, with multiple puddles and piles every night, but we have sorted it by having her in my bedroom, which I had hoped to avoid…. She curls up on her bed, sleeps all night and never moves. So obviously she had been either left for long periods or her abandonment has understandably made her fearful and insecure. As long as she is next to me she is fine, in fact she is sleeping next to me on the settee right now. She has to be on my lap, or under my arm to be really relaxed. I have attached a photo which may show how far we have come in terms of the cats, of which I have 3!! She still chases them, but having been bopped on the nose a couple of times she is learning. My old sheepdog Meg has a tough time in the amount of playtime she has to suffer (which includes Bertha removing her collar and eating it, and swinging round and round on poor Meg’s tail!!).
So there you go, one successful re-homing!

BAILEY has now gone to live in Carmarthen with a nice dog-friendly family.

DI (now GINNY) has left Wales to live the life of luxury in Eastleigh.
Just a quicky to let you know that the border collie (Di),we adopted from you has exceeded all our expectations. She is perfect and is one of the family after only one week. She is very underweight but we are addressing that. We will send a photo when she is back to her full glory. Regards Geoff . PS. Our cat Misty is still the Boss!!!!

PERCY the pony is staying with us for his lifetime, as he is so settled here now. We will be trying to get some sponsorship to help with his upkeep. Enjoy Percy !

BILLY BOY  is now living locally with his new doggy friend – Muttley, and he is settling in well.
Just to let you know how Billy is doing. He was clingy the first evening, but overall settled well. He and Muttley have had a couple of little grumbles, but we put a stop to that as soon as it started. Muttley has tried to play with Billy, but Billy doesn’t really know what Muttley is on about at the moment. However, Billy has begun to play with furry dice and a tennis ball – so the signs are encouraging (as long as he doesn’t go near Muttley’s prized squeaky Kong tennis balls!).
They are both content to sleep in the kitchen together and Billy has adopted the kitchen as his “safe” room. He also has an old, smelly faux fur blanket that is rapidly becoming his comfort blanket. He’s a bit flummoxed about the great outdoors, but he’s done really, really well on his 4 walkies in the rain so far. Much sniffing has been accomplished, although he’s none too certain about other dogs presently. We’ll have to sign him up to training/ socialisation classes.
He gets over excited and upset very easily, and we’ve found the best way to make him feel more secure is to not talk too much to him, or touch him too much or even look at him very much. The best thing is to leave him to work things out for himself and decide in his own time that there’s no threat. It’s probably all a bit overwhelming for him, so softly, softly does it.
When he feels a little more secure and comfortable, we’ll have to give him a bath as he’s stinking the house out! We’ve started his house training, although it’s going in one ear and out the other at the moment……
Billy is settling in well. He’s discovered how to play, although at present only by himself. Muttley still flummoxes him. He’s a very quick learner though and it looks like we’ll have our work cut out keeping him amused. Billy has already worked out how to pull the doggy-toy box out from the corner, by using one front paw to hold it and hopping backwards on the other three, and then open the lid using his nose. He even closed the lid after him. He’s discovered how to tear a rubber bone apart and de-fluff a tennis ball.
He’s been round Brechfa Forest, around Llandysul park and been for a romp on the beach – not sure what he made of the cold sea though. He’s singularly unimpressed by walkies in the rain. But he’s nice and soft and shiny now though.

SALLY is now enjoying her senior years with a loving family in Berkshire.
My Dad rescued Sally the Kelpie from you just before Christmas. She is doing really well and has come out of her shell so much.
She insists on my grandma playing fetch with her everyday and she has really cheered up my dad who was really missing have a dog in the house. He still picks Scooby up from me every weekend and takes Sally and Scooby for walks together. They are very respectful of one another.
Sally has even started to play with my youngest dog, Bandit. They play rough but both seem to enjoy it.
Anyway just wanted to let you know she was getting on ok.

DYLAN (now called Tod) has gone to live with a family in Cardiff who really like a challenge !! Good luck Dylan & family.
Update on Todd ( was Dylan) we adopted from you on 17th December. 6 months on he’s landed on his feet. A youngster with elderly and devoted parents. He’s a star. Learning to swim in the Taff, commute to Brecon daily to build with Mike and enjoy the comfort of my bed at night. Thanks to you we have a wonderful youngster to enhance out lives. Lucky dog. Lucky us. Hope all well with you. Agi
Still on top of his world. Hoping the floods hasn’t meant a crisis for you. Agi

 SEAMUS, the lovely Westie went to a local foster home & they so fell in love with him that he has now taken up permanent residence
Thank you for my bath today; now, with clean bedding on the beds as well, we are all feeling much better about things! Brandy will even go in a bed after me now!
I have found the toy box, so that’s a bit of fun & Brandy’s not much interested in toys so even if I get possessive with them it shouldn’t bother him! I’ve been fed both days so far & I’ve eaten it like a good boy & I slept all night. So far, since my naughty slip up yesterday, when I cocked my leg & got shouted at, I’ve been really good & on top of that my signals are now being understood, I think!
Sandra has also put the board on top of the crate, like I heard you telling her to, & now when I come in from the wet she hoists me up on top of the crate, puts a towel over my back, gives me a good rubbing & dries my paws. I growl a bit when she gets down to the paws, but I certainly haven’t gone for her like I did the first few times when they tried it here. Sandra says I’m getting better each time, so maybe soon………………………………..
Apparently I’m very good on the lead so must have gone out a lot for walks. She’s off to get me a name tag next week in case I do a runner!
Oh & I’ve found a lovely log fire in the evenings, which I just love laying in front of on the rug; I am such a natural with it here they reckon I must have had one in my other home!
Thanks again for the bath.
SAD NEWS: Seamus has now journeyed over the rainbow bridge. RIP Seamus

ANNIE, one of our longest serving residents has found a lovely home with Alex in Aberystwyth & she went to her new home on Christmas Eve. Bless you Alex for welcoming Annie into your family.

RUFF, one of our sweet Yorkies is now living in comfort in Somerset.

SUKI another Yorkie has gone to live in Pontyberem
She even woke her owner to let him know that his other dog was having a fit. Well done Suki!
A letter arrived today, (with a donation), from Suki – this is what he had to say for himself:
Hello Everyone,
It’s Mr Suki. Hope you are all happy. I’ve lived in my fur-ever home for over a year now & it’s not too bad. I have to sleep in soft beds, eat good food & go for walks in the woods or on the beach. Other than that – it’s okay. Just thought I’d say hello while I was doing nothing. I’ve had my evening treats. Better go for now
 Love Super Sukes
P.S. don’t tell Daddy about the cheque – He thinks he was signing a form to send me back ! Suki the thug x

TOPAZ, yet another one of our lovely Yorkies is living with a family in the Vale of Glamorgan

GEM our Japanese Spitz has made her home with a lovely family in Northamptonshire, and is being treated like the true princess she is.
Gem travelled so well and when we stopped for a loo break she drank water and went to the toilet. We got back 5.30, you can’t imagine how good she was.
My legs ache, I have never driven that amount in one day, 530 miles ha ha , not bad for 63yrs -but it was worth it and I would gladly do it again.
Gem met my dogs and totally ignored my cats, ate her dinner and went to bed, she does not like all the fluffy beds, she like the cotton cushions.
She is so well rounded I can’t believe that anyone would get rid of her.
Good in the car, with dogs, cats and all of us. Why would the fools want to get rid of a dog with such manners, whatever her health condition.

BELLA went to a local foster home for some R&R and has decided that she really loved it there, so is staying put. She’s got them wrapped round her little paw !

PEACE (now MOLLY) also went as a foster dog – and made herself perfectly at home- so she will be staying.

HOLLY is now living the life of luxury in Bedfordshire, and she’s getting used to all the home comforts that she’s been missing out on so far.

SANDRA & BATTY the two charming Bulldogs have been rehomed together and will now be enjoying a lifetime as a pair.

MAY,the lovely Westie is now living in Bream, Glocestershire & is enjoying her new life with her new family.
Hi, just to let you know that may has settled in very well with us and is a great bundle of fun to have around, thank you very much.

PIP has totally stolen the hearts of her new family all the way up in Berwickshire, Scotland & we’re sure she will enjoy running around in all that lovely countryside.
It was a pleasure meeting you and the animals yesterday. You have a lovely place. I hope Smartie finds a caring home soon as she sounded so very sad yesterday.
Anyway- Pip survived the trip very well and when we got to the coast she became quite agitated, having sat calmly in her basket from pretty much the first mile onward. We stopped every two hours for her, just in case but she spent most the time snoozing, writhing and play fighting in her basket and then had her tea a little late in Durham where we stopped with Andy’s folks.
The final two hours went quickly and she arrived at Hammerhall nervous and tired but all in one piece. We have already had the expected “accidents” last night, she had a late night walk in the dark and then it was bedtime…
Oh boy………….
Her basket in the kitchen, already familiar to her was OK to hop into to anchor herself but as soon as the lights went out and we went to bed she began to cry. And then to howl. And howl. And howl some more. What a forceful young lady. In the end we relented and thought better she sleeps upstairs in one room with us than none of us sleep. Of course she had other ideas, hopped on the bed and slept through till nearly eight this morning! Fed, walked, familiarised with her new garden, and showered by 9am and then she had a crying session when Andy left for work. She really doesn’t like to part with her humans. Poor poppet- separation anxiety.
She is still weighing us up, still fighting for survival (she is totally self-reliant) but we will wear her down soon enough. For now she will only be allowed into the garden while supervised and “herded” until she “gets” that she is to stay in, until walked out. However she is bright, interested in everything and not beyond trying to make me feed her titbits from my breakfast. Cunning wee beastie. Oh- and she watched telly with Andy last night when he stuck the news on! Also admired herself in the mirror- all things Molly never did. She doesn’t like her paws doing but we are not going to take “grr” for an answer. 😉 Just now she is settled next to me, staring at me and wagging her tail.
All in all? All three of us are very happy, thank you!
Much kindness, Stef ____________________________
 Hi everybody. – Just saying hello from Scotland. My new pack is really quite nice and I am teaching them how to walk on a lead to heel and how one sits before getting food.
Food is good, bed is warm and I am going to meet some more pack members over the weekend. Been to the vet to introduce myself and snarled at the lady very prettily. I am being very good and everyone says I am a teddy bear. Hah- I am dog, don’t they know anything? The dad person called me McQueen. He says I am an escapologist, whatever one of them is. The photo is of me watching the ten o’clock news so I can keep on top of the important things. Bye Pippa x

TOTO, the energetic Labrador puppy has also gone all the way to Scotland, to East Kilbride, where he will love all the snow.

TIA, the lovely Innuit-x is living locally with 2 other Innuit dogs for company, & having a wonderful time enjoying all the games she can play with them.

LUCY our Westie, is now settling in with a local family in Gilfach Goch, & being spoilt rotten!
Lucy in her garden & with her new best friend. 
Lucy is a fantastic dog & was nearly dog-napped by my sister ! Pat 

POPPET is now living in Bow Street and enjoying her new life.

ANITA(now called Annie),one of the stray terriers that came to us, has gone to live in Cheshire, & will be enjoying all her long walks.
Anita is now Annie and living with me and her dad………she is absolutely adorable…………..lovely girl…………..🙂

SMARTIE has finally gone to live with a lovely gentleman in Mennai Bridge, and will have a wonderful life, we’re sure.

SOPHIE  our Turkish Angora cat is now living a peaceful life in Ammanford.

DEANO,(who sadly came back to us), has now found his perfect home in Cornwall, with lots of space to enjoy, and we’re sure he’ll settle in well and be spoilt rotten!. We look forward to lots of photos.

BAI-LEE has finaly found her perfect home with a family in Aberystwyth, who fell in love with her after her picture appeared in the paper !
SAD NEWS: Recently we learnt that the lovely Bai-Lee, the long coat Akita that was rehomed earlier this year has been diagnosed with an in-operable tumour. We wish her & her family all the very best for whatever time they have left with her & know that she has had a good life with them.

BUFFY  is now living with a lovely family in Aberystwyth, so we will probably be seeing some more of her.
I just wanted to let you know how Buffy’s getting on since I came to collect her back in April.  She’s settled in beautifully, and is very popular with my friends, family and colleagues.  She’s incredibly gentle and loving, and gets on so well with all the other dogs I know, and she loves playing fetch with children.  My mum (who is terrified of all dogs) has even warmed to her.  Buff is without doubt the best dog ever.  We’re even thinking of getting another dog for her at some point as I think she’d enjoy it, but in the meantime she’ll carry on being the centre of attention at home.

DEXTER , the sweet little Jug puppy has happily gone off to his new home with all his toys to keep him company and is being thouroughly spoilt !
  Hi , just thought we’d let you know that Dexter is fitting in perfectly. This was taken after the boys had spent the afternoon playing together. We had a stress free first night with him and he settles down beautifully now. I agree with you though – he definitely isn’t house-trained yet!  Thanks for everything  Amanda

CARIAD is living quite locally with another Bichon for company.

ANDY, a “scrufy” terrier who came in as a stray, has now found a lovely home right on the beach, with Paul & Kim.

BILLY & PERCY, our two ponies, are now living together locally, with lots of land to run on & will always be together as the firm friends they have now become.

MARY, one of our longer staying residents and a lovely, friendly Staffie – is now living with Frank & Margaret – who have had Staffies forever, and love the breed. She will be spoilt and loved in equal quantities. Thank you Frank & Margaret for taking Mary into your home & your hearts.

DAISY the mini-shetland, has gone to live with a friend called Callie, on the beautiful Gower Peninsular, and was settling in to her new surroundings.

ZIPPY is now living with Lesley, again, on the edge of the lovely Gower Peninsular. Must be something in the air! Thankyou Lesley for taking Zippy into your home.
Here is Zippi enjoying a rest on the beach. It is a very unusual sight =- he is never still for long! As you saw at the Dogs’ Day Out in Pembrey, he has filled out very well. Boy is he food oriented! I’m so grateful you let me have Zippi. He is such a joy & is loved by everyone. He graduated beginner’s class in January! Love Lesley & Zippi

MISTY has gone to live locally, with Dan & Kate, who are happy to put some work into her training & will have a lovely Jack Russell to play with, as well as the rest of the family.
Misty enjoying herself  with her new brother.

ADAM, one of our longer residents, has now gone to live with Linda & keep her company, in beautiful Brecon. Having had terriers all her life – we’re sure Adam will be well & truly spoilt !
 (Adam) -Now called  Leo and I are getting to know each other. He is a lovely little dog. At the moment he is finicky about his food but I’m sure he will sort me out soon. Will be in touch again as we are about to go for a walk .

BOB has now found himself a corgi brother called Henry, who was greiving for his lost friend. Now Henry has a new friend, and he & Bob seemed to hit it off almost straight away, and they are  back in Mid-Wales, getting to know each other better. The start of something special ? We hope so.
I thought I would drop you a quick note to let you know how Bob is getting on. He has settled far better than I could have hoped for. We had a few grumbles over the first couple of days between him and Harry but nothing much, and a couple of “discussions” that we’re noise more than anything else, mainly over food (oh how he likes his food). He has slept through the night with nothing more than two little cries on the first night, and has been very affectionate from the start. He doesn’t seem to mind where the cuddles come from. He has met a few members of the family and seems to be content wherever he is or whoever is around. He has happily let us brush him and has adjusted to having a carry harness put on so that we can get him into the field across the road as it only has a stile and not a gate you can open. But we have yet to let him off his long lead as his recall could be better (we are working on that with lots of treats and seem to be making progress). All in all I would like to think that he has made himself very much at home and he and Harry are now getting on famously.
Thank you for all your help, Caroline and Phil

SHELLEY has now gone to live with a lovely, female only, family near Swansea, where she has made herself quite at home. Thank you Wendy for allowing Shelley to join your family.
 She is adorable, not even a whimper last night after I told her ni-nite in the living room. She did fairly well in the bath, and I think she is enjoying being a bit spoiled right now.  Thank you so much for bringing us a little angel
 Just to update you on Shelley
She is settling in well. We have had her in the garden off the leash and she is a trooper!
She was a little star at the vets today for her vaccination, even though she was terribly uncomfortable from the heat. Bless her.She is tugging a little on the leash so we have gotten her a harness and that is more secure. She is super friendly with other dogs and curious of cats lol .She has fitted in so well, nice and calm apart from when stirred up to play ball. She is well loved -thank you again 

BEN our lovely Lab-x is now living in the Shefield area.

ALFIE the rather sweet Yorkie has had his first train journey & gone to live in London with Patrick & his wife.
Hi don’t know if you remember, but we had a young Yorkie Alfie back in June.
Alfie is doing really well and loving life, he get on with our two cats. He loves to play with the grandchildren. He’s made lots of over the park, really is loved by us and everyone who meets him. I’ll get photos sent, if I can ever work this thing out. My wife wouldn’t be without him, he’s stolen heart. We both thank you very much, keep up the good work that you do. I’m sure all the animals thank you as well Thanks again – Patrick

BUD ( now called LOMOND) the lively lurcher is now living with his new sister Shannon,  another beautiful lurcher, in Pembrokeshire. She will certainly have a more energetic life now !

SPITZ our senior citizen GSD, has been adopted by David & Hillary, who already have Bella, another ARC dog. David walks the ARC dogs regularly & just fell in love with Spitz.

SOX has gone happily to live with a lovely gentleman who has had dogs “forever” and loves to walk, so Sox will deffinitely enjoy his new home.

RUBY, the Rottie is now living locally with two other doggy friends & plenty of space to have fun in.

PIPPA, the mini-Schnauzer has gone to live locally with her two new “sisters”, a Westie & a Cavalier King Charles, & has fitted into her new family perfectly.

RUBY  a young Westie girl didn’t even make it onto our web site. Brenda & Terry fell instantly in love with her on the very day she came in to us & now she is living locally with them and her new sister, another Westie called Molly.

BARNEY has gone to live with Simon, all the way down in  Essex, but will be spoilt rotten by Simon, (and everyone in the village as well, by the sound of things!) He went off with his head up & his tail wagging ( Barney – not Simon !).

ARROW (was HARRO) is now living the kind of life he loves with the lovely Jack in Essex.

ARSHIE,(Marshmallow) has finally gone to live with a young, energetic family in North Wales and made himself right at home the minute he got there. Thank you Lisa for taking this lovely boy into your family & I’m sure we’ll get lots of photos!
I would like to give an update on Arshie the beagle. He is doing great, loving the comforts of home and has made lots of friends. He is also doing brilliant on his walks off the lead + loves bouncing in long grass in a big open field. His sisters Abigail + Ellie love playing ball with him. Thank you Arc for our perfect dog match.

JESSIE the J/R that came back to us from a home where she was  not being looked after properly, has now found the perfect home with Gwynne, his wife & a new terrier brother for company. Thank you Gwynne for giving Jessie a second chance.
SAD NEWS: Jessie has journeyed over the rainbow bridge after a short illness. RIP Jessie

BRYN has gone to a lovely, local home & has fitted right in as if he’s always been there!
SAD NEWS: Bryn has travelled over the rainbow bridge. RIP Bryn

CODY (was Coda) has gone to live with Ruth & her partner in the Wirral,and it was love at first sight!

BUSTER the fabulous Boxer-x is living locally with a lovely couple – so we will see him often.

HOPS is now living with Lindsey in Carmarthen & they have bonded straight away.
Just a quick note to say thank you for letting me adopt Hops. We’ve had a lovely first  24 hours and he’s settled in well. He’s so affectionate, and follows me about the house. We had a walk on the beach yesterday, but he’s not to sure about the sea. We’ve had a little walk round town today and everyone wanted to say hello to him which he loved. He said hello to some other dogs from Carmarthen as well. He’s done me good as well, I didnt get panicky or anxious once round town. He’s currently curled up on the settee having a little nap and snoring. We’ll come and say hello at Pembrey
My beautiful baby (Hops) turned 3 today. Hes thoroughly enjoyed his doggie birthday cake, treats, cwtches, walkies and lots of fuss. Cant believe hes now been my best friend for 17 months, thank u so much for letting me adopt him, hes changed my life. Hops says hi to everyone involved with ARC as well

RORY, our boxer boy, is now living in St. Clears with a boxer – mad family
Well…. Rory is an absolute delight!!  He is extremely mild-mannered, affectionate, playful and very clean!!  and we could not be happier with the way he is settling in.  He is such a lovely dog and we are very lucky to have found him.  Thank you so much.  You are very welcome to call and see him if you are in St. Clears! 
Kind regards,  Diane

PJ met his new family, from LLanelli, when we took him to Pembrey and they instantly fell in love with him. He will be missed by all the ARC people as he is such a lovely boy.
Hi All,
Here are a few shots of the family and our PJ.  You were right – he doesn’t like having his photo taken hence some are a little blurred!!  As you can see – he is so settled with us all.What a fantastic family dog he is – we are so lucky to have him. This is the end of week 5 and we feel like we have had him for ever!  He is so good with the cats and the rabbit.  Our grumpy old cat has his moments, but PJ just looks as me in puzzlement!  He has filled out and has a beautiful shiney coat.  He loves food OF ANY KIND!!  The preverbial hoover!
He is a dog who loves to run.  I take him down the local beach at least 3 times a week and he has made some friends with other dogs ….if they can keep up with him!  He LOVES his frisby and loves to throw it in the air, catch it, bury it, unbury it, run around like a lunatic then drop it and doesn’t remember where he dropped it, so we have to go hunting for it!  We have been working together in our lead-walking behaviour and it is coming on a treat.  He is a very quick learner and a bright and intelligent dog. He has made friends with a large Golden Retriever who lives nearby and we sometimes share a walk together.
This morning we went to our first dog training classes and I’m so proud to say that he was one of the BEST behaved dogs there!  He was also one of the largest and on his one and only bark, very loud and made all the other little dogs and puppies turn around and look! So funny. He’s already made friends with a golden retriever puppy and another mixed breed. 
My younger son’s confidence with dogs is now full-on, and he absolutely adores PJ.  My older son takes him out and is also very confident with him (loves him to bits).
I think that covers all bases at the moment.  We ALL LOVE our PJ – he is a very special animal ….but his Mother loves him the most!
Thanks to all at ARC for allowing us to have this superb dog – I think this Honeymoon period is going to last forever.
With Love,
 Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year to all at ARC and will see you at the Pembrey Show, if not before – with our PJ of course.
 Hi everyone at ARC.
 PJ’s done it again!! Not only did he pass his Silver Training Class with flying colours – but he came TOP OF THE CLASS!  What a clever boy he is!  We start the Gold next week, so that should be interesting. I can’t believe it’s nearly 6 months since we had him from you – the best thing we EVER did.  See you in the summer.
 Angela xx
Hi Yvonne and all,
He’s done THE TREBLE!!  PJ passed his GOLD Certificate in Dog Training – phew!  Its been a wonderful journey as we’ve been to the training for 3 months now, which is half the time we’ve actually had PJ.  It was quite sad saying goodbye today – but we have had some laughs!!  PJ was such an “old hat” at the classes, that when all the pups and young dogs were messing about and causing chaos, PJ would lay down and go to sleep!!  When have you ever had to wake up a dog at a Training Class!! Everyone loved him and one of the trainers even said she would take PJ home straight away if he was available!! I’ve been running these last couple of months and the distances are getting longer:  PJ is such good company and my protector, making me feel very confident, as the runs are generally early morning.  Many a dog walker has told me how happy he is as he’s boucing about like an Easter Bunny whilst I’m talking, but in the vicinity where he can keep an eye on me!  The best move we ever made was going to Pembrey last September, where we met and our lives have been enhanced for the better.  Thank you to all at ARC for my special, most beautiful PJ. xxxx
Hi Yvonne and team
I know we will be seeing you at the forthcoming Pembrey Show, but I wanted you to see these photos of PJ in action!!  We now attend Agility Classes every weekend, and it is a really good laugh!! Due to my knee, I’m unable to run with him, so Rhys does that brilliantly for me!
 PJ really does love the class.  There are lots of dogs to mix with and PJ really does go for it through the tasks.  You can tell he really enjoys, as he bounces around like an Easter Bunny, loving every minute.  He is one of the biggest dogs there, but he shows his speed and skill through the jumps and tunnels…helped by pieces of chicken of course!
I can’t believe its nearly a year since we had him and he has settled in and is loved by everybody. 
I was fascinated to learn that his DNA showed he was 50% rottweiler, 25% miniature pinscher and 25% jack russell.  Now we know where the lovely shade of tan comes from.
 Look forward to seeing you all in September – with our boy of course!
 Lots of Love
 Angela, Rhys and family xx
Hi Yvonne and team,
Many thanks for your Christmas card and newsletter – always good to see how things are developing….and a shop – congratulations on that – I really hope it does well for you. 
This was PJ’s second Christmas and seems to have enjoyed it.  He’s had plenty of turkey, but has totally ignored his toys, so I’ve given one to my mum in law for her dog who absolutely loves it!  As you can see by one of the photos, he’s had to share his bed on some occasions with one of my cats – she absolutely loves him, and she was the shy aloof one.  They get on very, very well. 
PJ is still a handsome beast!  He might have put on a wee little bit of weight over this Christmas, but when I told you he was on a diet, I just weighed his food to the proper amount and stuck to it really, he looks good.
He has a few girlfriends around Llanelli – 2 here in the street as I think I told you.  He often goes in their houses and says hello and they don’t leave him alone.  There’s also Tegan the large GSD, who isn’t that good with others, but she really loves PJ and he her and you should see them running after each other – really stretching themselves – I love it.  I get so much pleasure seeing him running amock with other dogs. 
He is well known throughout the area we walk even with the grumpy cyclists as we practise what we’ve learnt in the training classes  – plus it looks good with him sitting patiently next to me – staring lovingly at a treat secretly hidden in my hand! I’m still told even now by people who don’t know him, that he looks a very happy dog – as he’s sniffing and bouncing his way along. 
Anyway – I hope you have a really lovely New Year – I was hoping to come down sometime over the holiday but we seem to have something on every day so far.  If I can, I will let you know. 
Take care to everyone and hope to see you soon. 
Love Angela

JAKE met his new family & they immediately fell in love with him & now he has gone off happily to live with them & enjoy his new life.

MURRAY (WAS MAC), a 1yr old Scottie dog didn’t even make it onto our web site! He has happily gone to live with Richard & Alison in Pembrokeshire.
Dear all at ARC, Kelly and Sion, just wanted to send you a pic of “Mack” the Scotty, now known as Murray, who recently came to us through ARC at Kelsion.
He has settled in so very well and is an amazing house dog, with his favourite perch being the arm of the sofa, gazing out of the window. Occasionally Muzz can be found reclining on the best bed linen resting his weary chops on mums sequined cushion!!
He has had a “little” haircut, and he looks even smarter, walks well on the lead, loves to tell us all , in his very deep voice, about the cows and horses in the field, sits to command and has made our family complete.
He loves his Dad best of all and follows Rich around the house, but it’s Poppy who has had the most fun with him on the beach and on our country walks.
Just wanted to say an enormous thanks to you all, for helping enrich our loves with “Scottie love”
All four of us are very happy together! There are truly paw prints on our hearts!!
We hope very much to be able to attend one of the forthcoming events, wishing you all the very best.
With grateful thanks
Alli, Rich, Poppy and Murray

REX the stray rabbit has gone off happily to a local home, to be a house rabbit.

SNOWY is living the life of a true terrier & doing all the lovely terrier things he so enjoys. ( He also enjoys sleeping in his owner’s bed!)

LENNY (now called Danny) has now been rehomed with the help of Greyhound Rescue.Apparently he is quite the gentleman!
BERT, our lively Labrador,went off happily ( without a backward glance!) with Mark & Lynn to his fabulous new home & all the walks he will ever need to keep him happy.
Hi Yvonne, just to let you know that Bert is doing very well & has calmed down – he is lying by my feet at the moment. I will send some photos later. He still hasn’t formally met the cats! Surprisingly he is quite a guard dog and barks when anyone is in the garden or at the front door, but a total softy when he knows they are ok and come in. Regards Lynn

MAX the German Shepherd has now been transfered to German Shepherd Rescue, where they have an interest in him. Good Luck Max.

PEPI is now living happily with Renatta & a new doggy brother,Chalky in Manchester.It’s taking a little while to settle in but Renatta will give him all the love & cuddles he needs to make him feel right at home!

TESS our “mummy” dog that had been shut in a shed together with one of her puppies, is now living locally with the lovely Eryl – who met her at our open day & fell instantly in love with her.

ROLO has travelled all the way to Lincoln with her new family – Angus & Claire, who are looking forward to getting her slimmer & taking her to training classes! She will also enjoy living with her new brother – Heston.
Rolo is doing very well!!! She has bonded well with our other lad Heston, is not pulling on her leash and has started to show a wee bit of a waste line….. She surprised herself yesterday when she was jumping up and actually got her back legs off the ground! VERY IMPRESSED!! 😀 
I will send a full up date at the end of the month.
Warm regards

 RUDI one of our senior dogs, is now living with Christina in a lovely part of Pembrokeshire & enjoying his retirement, & a comfy knee to sit on!

NONI – the beautiful lack Lab went off (at 100mph!) to happily live with Claire. I think she may keep them busy for a while !!
Hi Yvonne and team
Here is an update from Noni who we rehomed at the end of November 2013.She has settled in wonderfully. Within a matter of days she was relaxed
and happy at home. The children adore her and she is perfect with them!She is still VERY excited outdoors and we are training ++ to stop pulling. She has nearly pulled my arm off numerous times! On our regular walks she is doing well and you can see on her face she is concentrating and trying … But if there are any distractions / exciting stuff …then she forgets …. cars/people/squirrels!!!  Next big training hurdle is the car … so we can travel without being deaf due to barking and uncontrolled “hyper-excitement” wherever we go … planning a camping holiday in the summer so we have 6 months!
As you can see from the photos she is happy and a perfect addition to our family. The last picture is of her cuddling “Pip” who is a 4month old Vizsla – when she came to visit for the weekend we didn’t quite know how they would get on … but as you can see they became good friends!
Thank you.
With best wishes
Clare and the Rayner family

MILO our Cocker Spaniel went off happily with Andy & his wife, and what a fabulous family he is joining. Lovely, caring people who spent long hours researching the ups & downs of adopting a rescue dog. Thank you both – for giving Milo a second chance of a forever home.
 Pleased to report that all continues well here. Having pretty much shut down everything for the first 12 hours, Milo is starting to come out of his shell and we see glimpses of the delightful spaniel personality within. Having refused pretty much everything to start with, he has now eaten well and is beginning to look around and take an interest in life. A quick call on the latest girl in his life (vet Sarah) started the day today. He was very well behaved for her. Then a very muddy long fen walk, lots of puddles, brambles, mud and fun. Followed by a warm shower and shampoo and dry off in front of the fire. He has discovered his ‘wuff’ (for strangers) and some squeaks, when Jenny isn’t exactly where he thinks she should be. All in all, going well. Lots to do before he is fully restored but we have the time and the love for him.
So please pass on a positive report of Milo to Sandra, Kelly and Shaun, together with our respect and admiration to you all for you wonderful work for these animals and a big thank you from Milo.
warmest, from the chilly Fens,
Andy and Jenny
MILO 3 months on:
Dear Yvonne, Kelly and Shaun, Sandra and anyone else who recalls Milo,
just a quick note with some recent photographs of our lad, who is doing really well.  Passed out near top of the class at his kindergarden, enjoys getting treacly muddy in the fen, where he can roam off the lead.  Learning to be less scared of every little noise, men, lorries, yellow things and cones.  Enjoying the company of his walking chums and even had a new pal over at the weekend (big Baz the lab) without too much fuss,
all the very best to you all, Andy, Jenny and Milo

TROY, the beautiful Blue Staffy has gone to live with Joanne & Carl, who have a huge affection for the breed and who will spoil Troy rotten. First stop after Christmas will be training classes!

MISTY & POPPY – both these senior Cavaliers have gone to Essex to live with Donna & another Cavalier. Thank you Donna for taking on these two girls, especially knowing their medical history. We hope they have a long & healthy life in their new home. ( ARC will continue to help support these two lovely girls).

KYAH ( known as Princess in the kennels!) has gone to live not too far away, with Catherine & her family and will have the time of her life with all that outdoor space, but we feel her favourite place will be in front of the range in the kitchen!
Kyah has settled in so well, the whole family love her, including grandparents & aunts, uncles and, after being here a week – the cat accepted her too.
She enjoyed going to the beach on Boxing Day. Had some lovely long walks over Christmas hols, but the weather has spoilt that lately. She has to make do with walking up to do the horses 2 or 3 times a day. She enjoys the freedom of wandering around the yard and the fields, but keeps a safe distance from the horses!
Her appetite was a little bit off for the first few days, but now she looks for her food keenly. I’ve been feeding her 3x a day (smaller & often) & I’m sure she’s gaining now, her ribs are less prominent.
She loves sleeping in front of the Rayburn & she enjoyed watching 101 Dalmatians on Sunday night!
Thank you for letting us have her – she will be loved and cared for like royalty.   Kathryn
Dear Yvonne, Kyah has settled in & is enjoying life.
She has gained 3kg since February & now weighs 47.2kg. We wouldn’t say she is “fat” but we no longer feel she is THIN! She is now an important part of the family & enjoys the daily routine; cleaning out the horses, weeding the garden & avoiding the pecks on the rear off Ronnie the Duck! She could win medals for sleeping, but has now found her bark & gives any passers by a fright when she shouts at them.Will keep in touch – Kathryn & Christopher
SAD NEWS: This beautiful girl has now journeyed over the rainbow bridge. She went into acute renal failure & passed away peacefully with her new family around her. RIP Kyah

 MAX the Lab-x has gone to live with a lovely, retired gentleman who will give him plenty of walks & lots of love.

MAJOR ( soon to have a new name) will be enjoying his first Christmas in a nice,warm home with Gerald, & we expect his favourite place will be in front of the log burner ! He’ll also enjoy all his walks & plays in the lovely 80 acres overlooking Cardigan Bay. Thankyou Gerald (& your sons,) for giving Major his first taste of a home life. We look forward to lots of photos.

CASSIE the hectic terrier-x has gone to her new home today. Leila & Paul & family will never have a dull moment with Cassie in their family & we look forward to hearing how she gets on at her training classes.

SAMMY, the lovely puppy, has gone all the way to Scotland to live with Kelly, and we’re sure he’ll have a wonderful life in that beautiful country, and enjoy being spoilt rotten as well. Thank you Kelly for giving Sammy a new life after his terrible beginning in a dirty shed.

DIGBY has travelled all the way to Hertfordshire to be with Nigel & will settle in very quickly, we’re sure. Thank you Nigel for driving all the way to Wales in what was the worst possible weather, to collect Digby. That’s what we call real dedication & love for the dog.

KAI, one of our more senior Jack Russells is now living in the lap ( quite literally!) of love. Kai actually picked his new family by launching himself onto the lap of his new owner while they were being introduced at the kennels!
It seems as though Kai is settling well. Fingers crossed.
April 2016 – SAD NEWS – Kai has sadly travelled over the rainbow bridge. He succumbed to renal failure  after a short illness.  RIP little one.

MISSY (Kai’s sister) has gone to live with Valerie in Manchester & will be treated like the princess we know she is.

MAX, our Pembroke corgi went off happily to his new home in Hampshire without so much as a backward glance! His brother JACK has also gone as a permanent foster dog, due to his age and health issues.

TIMMY  the whippet-x has gone to live on the outskirts of Swansea with Dawn, and is already booked into training classes! Thank you Dawn for giving Timmy a second chance.

JAZZ is now living in Northamptonshire with Chrissie & Johnathon, and his new doggy friend  – Milly. Thank you Chrissie for giving Jazz a second chance.

LOTTIE has found a home at long last! She is living quite near, with Claire & her son Jo and will be loved forever.

LOLA the energetic Beagle has gone to join a pack at a Beagle rescue. Just what she needed. Good luck Lola ( & thank you Lesley)

LULU the staffie-x is now living a life of luxury with a lovely local couple who particularly wanted a staffie. Thank you June & Don for giving Lulu a new life.
Lulu is settling in very well & is a real character. Loves her walks & is a favourite with all the people she meets. Not so much with dogs!!! Best wishes- Don & June
SAD NEWS – We have just heard that this lovely girl passed away in June 2017, due to a problem with her spleen – RIP Lulu, run free over the rainbow bridge.

MILO our chocolate Labrador has gone to live with Molly & David, who are owned by two more chocolate Labradors, so he will have plenty of company & play-mates! Enjoy – Milo & thankyou Molly & David ( & T-Bone & Charlie) for taking this lovely boy into your home. We hope Molly & David enjoy their chocolate covered sofas!

RORY the lovely Jug who had to have an eye removed while he was with us, has now gone to live with Dawn & her Mum in Haverfordwest, and we know he will be spoilt rotten! We look forward to lots of photos.
Hi, this is Rory relaxing after his walk.He has settled really well and feels like he has been here forever! Dawn

SAFFORN (SAFFIE),our lovely yellow Labrador puppy is now living in the beautiful New Forest with Catherine. Happy Mother’s Days Catherine.

TINKER  – Tinker’s owner has decided to keep Tinker & work with his issues. Wonderful news!

LLEW is now living with Kim in the Midlands & settling in nicely (after chasing the cat!). Thank you Kim for waiting until the right Cavalier came along. We look forward to lots of photos.

CHARLIE, the young Lab-x-Springer is now living with Garth & his family in Somerset & another doggy girl-friend.Garth took one look at his photo & it was instant attraction!

BUDDY the stunning GSD-X-Collie is now living locally with a family that is made for GSD’s. He will be spoilt rotten – we’re sure!

FOXY, the fabulous yellow lab that came to us through social services, is now living in Pembrokeshire & it was love at first sight when she met Douglas, a life-time Labrador lover!

DOUGAL, our senior Labrador, has happily gone off with his new family to Powys & an exciting, comfortable & not too energetic retirement. Thank you Lisa & Brian for taking Dougal into your home & your hearts & for giving an older dog a new start in life.
Please find attached 3 of the pictures I have managed to snap of Dougal where he is still enough not to blur!  He is either very busy following me and snuffling about or fast asleep (the top one is of him asleep half under a futon couch frame!) This afternoon is his first visit to our vets to be registered and discuss what options there are for his arthritis,  so hoping things carry on in the very positive way they have so far.
We will keep you updated!
Lisa and Brian
He is an absolute pleasure & delight to have and seems to get younger everyday. We have had great success treating his arthritis and we are just back from a few days at the coast where he swam everyday in the sea! Sp pleased that he seems genuinely happy in his new pack, and his lovely socialble nature is a credit to his original home and family.
Lisa  and Brian
Thought you might like a quick update on Dougal. As you can see, he is very cwtchy, and seems to be enjoying life here. He has had a lot of input from our vet and is on tablets for underactive thyroid as well as a couple of painkillers every day.
In the 6 months he has been with us we have learnt that he does NOT want a bath thank you, thinks of the kitchen bin as a handy snack dispenser, will steal food from anyone if they are not quick enough and loves being the centre of attention and is very very sweet if a bit wilful.
He has no idea he is an old man and jumps with joy when one of us comes home. We really love him.
Lisa & Brian

BONNIE (now called RUBY)  has gone to live in mid-Wales with the lovely Emily, who has been so excited all week about adopting Ruby!

ELLIE, who came back to us under very sad circumstances, has now gone to live near Neath with a wonderful family who will spoil her very much!
Hello all at ARC,I’m just sending you a quick email to let you know how Ellie is settling in. She was extremely nervous to start with and didn’t want to come to close to any of us but within no time at all she is now like my shadow and follows me everywhere I go.
She went over to my mums house yesterday and loved playing with Ben the schnauzer.
She loves her walks and we have just got back from the school run, my daughter was very excited to show Ellie to all her friends and her teacher!!
I’m taking her to the vets in a bit for them to just give her a quick health check, a bath and a trim as she’s still a bit stinky lol. I’m sure she will enjoy being pampered!!
All in all she has settled in very well and much quicker than I had expected. She is adorable and we thank you very much for letting her be part of out family. Here are some of the pics so far!! As you can see, she’s spoilt rotten all ready!

TWM (TOM) our lovely Springer spaniel has gone off happily with John and now has a new doggy friend, Benji, to play with. Actually it  was Benji who chose Twm!

TARA (now called Kita) has gone to live locally with Steve & Katie & their resident dog. Now Kita has someone to play with.

SANDY the 13yr old yellow Labrador that came in with Sky, is now living with June and her other animals including dogs. He will always have company now. He is on our permanent foster scheme so will always be looked after by June & ARC.
This is Sandy, no manners, doesn’t take a blind bit of notice of me and Rusty hates him on principle! Great joy. Only been here five minutes so………watch this space!
SAD NEWS: Poor Sandy has gone over the rainbow bridge after suffering major bowel problems. R.I.P. Sandy.

ELMO has gone all the way to Lancashire to live with Sue & her girlie Beagle – Lottie. We’re sure Elmo will have lots of love from Sue & plenty of fun & games with Lottie.
Hi Yvonne,
Thought I’d just let you know Elmo arrived home with us safe and sound. He travelled well in the crate although he did not like the curvy, up down roads and drooled a lot. He spent a night in his crate too and was fine. Today we have been over to the park and he has met some of Lottie’s pals and had a lovely run and play on a stretch lead.
Lottie is still not sure, but they are trotting around with each other so I know it will b fine.
I’m attaching some pics. A Couple on the beach before we left Cardigan and a photo of them both now snoozing and all relaxed.
He is so lovely and I love him already.
Thank you so much
Hi Yvonne,
 How are you? I wanted to wish you a Happy Christmas and give you an up-date on Elmo’s progress.
 We’ve had our ups and downs over the past few months. Elmo’s separation anxiety was terrible to start with and I despaired he would ever be able to cope with being left, but we persevered and now he’s totally fine! He also has a talent as an escape artist. We have had 2 before him, one being our current dog Lottie and the garden has been fenced and re-fenced and re-fenced over that! They have their own run, but he likes to leap that fence and run round the grass – this is definitely worse if a cat has passed through the garden – he’s desperate to get at them. He is learning though that he is supposed to stay in their area when I let him out and now he is, most of the time! 
 The major difficulties I’ve had with him have been walking on the lead – if he sees a cat he goes berserk and he jumps about all over the place and he jumps and barks at lots of dogs. We are still working on this and I will get there eventually! I use a Canny Collar on him now which means at least I can control him when he mis-behaves without him pulling me over, although he does still pull with it.
 Y ou had mentioned he had been known to ‘counter surf’ and we have had this issue too – unfortunately this has lead to 2 incidents where he has taken food, one being a roast chicken. I shouted at him and lunged to get the chicken and he bit me – I do really believe this was a defense reaction as he only grazed my finger and he had the opportunity to do worse. He also did this to my husband in a similar situation. However, the last time was at least 2 months ago and we are very careful now not to leave food out now.
 So that’s the more negative stuff. Now for the positive – he is adorable! I was really worried that he might find my routine too difficult to adjust too, but I can’t believe how well behaved he is (disregarding the above!) He has adjusted really well to our routine and is happy to lie quietly with Lottie while I work. He amazes me really as he has a lot of energy when he knows he can be more boisterous and yet he is so good during the day. 
 He loves nothing better than to lay his head on you, he is so sweet and he likes to follow you around. It’s lovely now though that he seems to choose whether he does or not, rather than being so anxious every time you leave the room, he can’t help himself. 
He is excellent off lead and his recall is really good. He loves nothing better than to run around with a stick or ball, although he doesn’t like to give it up, he’s getting better at it – again another improvement. I feel we’ve come on such a long way and we love him so much. Yes we still have work to do but I feel it will  happen as he matures and I learn other ways of distraction! I was so devastated when we had to have our Buster put down a year ago on the 22nd at only 3 yrs old and I never thought I’d get over it but Elmo has helped heal a hole in my heart, he is truly a special dog. I am sending you some pics and I would like to donate £20 for Christmas. Please could you let me know if I can do this over the internet/phone.
Wishing you best wishes for a lovely Christmas and new year. And a big thank you for looking after Elmo until we ‘found’ him. Sue & Andy

ROLO our beautiful chocolate Labrador, has gone all the way to Lytham St Anne’s to live with Graham &, although he is taking some time to settle – Graham can’t imagine life without him!
Photos 1 & 2 are within an hour of landing in Lytham and photo 3, Rolo is presently lying on my floor.
I am enjoying the first quiet time since he arrived though so hopefully the last 24 hours are catching up with him and he might have a good sleep.  Regards
24 hrs later: 
Rolo is starting to relax around the house now and despite following me everywhere in an almost fear like state that I will not return, once I have sat down at my desk and have patted his head he will walk to the other side of the desk to lie down and doze.   If I get up to go anywhere he will then follow me but I am ignoring him so hopefully this will subside.
I let him sleep on the bedroom floor last night instead of shutting him in a room downstairs and he seemed a lot happier as a result of being near to me.
Still barking at other dogs today but not as aggressively and not charging at them.  He is lying down submissively until they walk past, even for female dogs!!
He is a good boy.  Regards

TOBY the georgeous little chihuahua puppy has gone to live with a local lady who is a very experienced dog lover & we’re sure Toby has truly landed on his paws! We look forward to lot of photos.
Hello Yvonne
Just a few photos of Toby. A few more to follow.
A big Thank You to you and Kelly and Sion. We absolutely adore him. Good as gold and very, very intelligent.
Our gorgeous little baby!
Kind Regards
Tony and Barbara

ROLEY has gone to live with Russ & Sally who have adopted Wales as their home & decided to adopt a dog to complete their family. They saw Roley, & it was love at first sight. They live locally, so we look forward to lots of updates.
Update: Roley has settled well into his new home & Russ & Sally love him to bits – even though he managed to open th fridge door on is first night !

ROXY went on a trial for 2 weeks, but her new family, Phil & Dianne, fell in love with her after only 24 hours ( how could they not?). She’s loving all the fuss & attention she’s now getting & has made herself well & truly at home & they say her manners are perfect. Another Staffie loving home – thank you Phil & Dianne for seeing past Roxy’s breed.
Hi Yvonnne
 Just a short message to up date you on ROXY. She is now one of us.Her progress in such a short time is staggering. I am awake every morning at 7.00 am, just minutes later ROXY tells me she is awake with a short scratch on the kitchen door.
I let her out the back, where she has a little sniff around ,does a wee and a poo then carries on with inspection .
We feed her at 8.30,  then what ever I have to do is done, the only difference now is that I have a very inquisitive little helper. She likes to be involved in every aspect of our lives, which is brilliant !
I sent for a new harness which helps to stop her pulling and guess what – it works! She still has a slight pull, but not as much as before. It seems it’s the way the tether is clipped on to the right hand side, around to the left, through the D ring. This allows me to stop her pulling directly forward. It seems to put her off balance and back into my direction, and this does not seem to bother her at all 
So yes – all good news. We just love her so much already, she really has fitted in perfectly 
I would like to thank you and MAXINE for all your help, and for blessing us with a beautiful little daughter   
Speak to you soon, please feel free to ring any time you want for an update or any other details.
thank you

MAGGIE MAE is a Cairn terrier that came in with several issues. She went to a foster home & she is now so settled that we have decided to leave her where she is as a permanent foster dog. Thank you Liz for having the patience to deal with Maggie’s problems & loving her enough for her to stay with you.

POPPET has gone to live locally with Myra & she will have loads of land to run around in and she now has a new doggy friend to play with.

JINX the lovely lurcher is living locally & has some lurcher friends who will give her lots of love & playtime.

MURPHY (now called Scruffy), has gone to live with Lilly & her mother near Coventry, both ardent dog lovers. Lilly actually came to us looking for a boxer, but saw Murphy & it was love at first sight! He will have lots of human company & will be a well travelled boy as he will be coming back to Wales on a regular basis for his holidays.

RUFUS has gone to live with Kirsty & his new Beagle doggy friend – Baxter. Lots of luck with the two of them. We’re sure they will both keep you on your toes!
Hi, I just wanted to let you guys know how Rufus is getting on! Thought a few pictures would say it all!

MAIN COON TYPE CAT. This boy, who changed completely after he was neutered – has now gone happily to his new, local home where we know he will be right at home & loved to bits!

ZAK, the lovely Lab-x-Collie fell instantly in love with his new family when they came to meet
him, & they obviously felt the same, as he has now gone  home with them to Pembrokeshire.

SCOOBY has gone to live with a lovely, local family, who already have an ARC dog. They came to our open day, saw Scooby & fell in love with him straight away & wanted to take him home as soon as they could. Sadly for them – they had to wait until Scooby had been neutered, but now he is happily settled into his new home, with his new friend Indie. We look forward to lots of photos with the aahhhh factor!

DOUGGIE is living locally & from the photos he seems to have well & truly settled in! Thank you Nigel & Lee for giving this boy a well deserved second chance. We’re sure he’ll give you lots of  love & affection in return.
Check out Duggie’s own website –  to see how he is settling into his new home.

BRAMBLE, another of our Border terriers, has gone all the way to Brighton to live with Anne & a Border terrier brother. Well done Ann for taking on double terriers!

JACK & JILL have gone off to do what terriers love to do.

COCO. We are so thrilled, as Coco, the lovely Dogue de Bordeaux, has gone to live with Kathryn & her family. Those of you who follow this page will know that Kyah, our other Dogue, also lived her short life with Kathryn – so we know that Coco will have a wonderful life roaming around the fields & sleeping by the range!

ALFIE (Now called JAMIE) has gone to live locally in a very experienced Golden Retriever home & he has just acquired Golden brothers & sisters; and one of his new mums is a qualified dog trainer, so we will be expecting great things from Jamie & lots of updates on his career as a star in the ring!
Our ‘newbie’ the lovely Jamie – moved in five weeks ago, settled in within hours, has become best buddies with Stefan and an adopted son for Tanya. Ginny and Susanna both fancy him and Toro, Tarka and Emlyn (the mini wires) say he’s ok for a Golden. Thank you ARC for entrusting this lovely lad to our Golden family xx

TIGER, our rossette winning boxer-X, has gone to live with Steve & his family after they came to meet him. Steve had been looking for the right dog for over 2 years & Tiger fitted the bill perfectly. Thank you Steve & family for welcoming Tiger into your home.
 Hi, just to let you know that Tiger is settling in really well. He is a lovely, lovely boy that became part of the family as soon as we met him. He is really good and makes us laugh out loud on a daily basis. He loves going for walks in the woods and does the school run twice a day. We all love him very much and has definitely become a much loved member of our family. Love Steve, Eunice, Gethin, Eleri and course Tiger Xxxxxxx

SCAMP has acquired a Jack Russell sister called Maisie, when he moved with his new family to Oxford. He will really enjoy the company & having someone to play with.

JADE, our young lurcher is now living locally with Chris & his lovely family, so we will probably see quite a lot of her & the progress she is making.

REX (now called ALFIE) has gone to live with Bob & his family in Coventry. Bob waited over 6 weeks to come & collect Alfie, as the family were off on holiday first, so we know that Alfie was a very wanted dog!

 TONTO (now called BERTIE) has gone to live in Twickenham with the lovely Deryn & her daughter, who fell in love with him as soon as they saw his picture. Bertie will be thoroughly spoilt in his new home – just as he deserves.
Hello Yvonne and all my kennel friends – Here I am in Scotland withy pesky little sister here wishing it was she who had the fancy new Harris tweed coat. Personally I’d prefer it if she had the suit but I am assured it’s only for best, definitely not every day wear.
Then there’s the wet weather rain jacket, and fair enough, it really is wet up here. When we went to the “boutique” to get my holiday wardrobe I think I must have made a good impression as the very nice lady who I can see takes very fancy doggy photos, said she thought I’d make a great model for a forthcoming photo ad shoot. I ask you, I’ve been in London but weeks and I’ve already
been scouted as a model.
Anyway I’ve been with my new family 4 weeks and it’s all pretty cool. When I’m not on holiday – already Scotland and Somerset – I get to walk every morning along the Thames where I really am the centre of attention. And loads of other dogs – some huge like St Bernard’s type huge – but as I’m now a cool London dude dog I take it all in my stride.
The vet says I’m doing well – if the truth be known I’ve put on weight but it’s ok as they say the atrophy I had around my back legs is all sorted now and must agree I do now stand tall and strong.
And finally what do you think about my new bed linen? Designed and hand crafted by my Aunty ( she came and collected me from Wales too) it’s a cover for my comfy crate and a matching bed to go inside. That sister of mine better keep out of it as at the moment she whinges if I shut her out. Sisters eh?!
Anyway Yvonne and all my friends at Animal Rescue Cymru thanks for looking after me and thanks for finding my new family – they seem good sorts but they will insist on cuddling me all the time – but as long as the good food and walks and holidays continue you know what – I can cope with that!
Love from Bertie Harvey (formerly Tonto). x
Just wanted to share with you a special picture of Bertie whom we adopted from you last month at his debut professional photo shoot modelling luxury doggy accessories.
Thank you for all you have done for him. He’s already a big part of the family xx

CHARLIE our handsome Cocker Spaniel has gone off happily to Surrey, to live with Joan & now has a Cocker sister called Millie. They will have lots of fun together, we’re sure.

BUDDY the young Jack Russell has gone off happily to live with Lynne & Les who are quite local, so we will be seeing quite a lot of him.

PATCH (now called PAT) has gone to live with Thomas & his family & they are over the moon with him. There wasn’t even a backward glance for Karen – his fosterer!

TARKA, the Staffie-X from death-row is now living the life of Riley with Siobhan & her family. They both have the same,bubbly out-look on life & were made for each other! Thank you Siobhan for even considering adopting one of those “terrible” Staffie type dogs!
Adopted Tarka today, within ten minutes he had taken my space on the sofa, and fell asleep. Such a fun loving pup! Feel as though he’s been here forever! Thank you so much animal rescue Cymru! (Yvonne and Kelly) xxx

BEN our Lab-X-Collie has gone to live with Victoria & her family in Surrey & now has a lovely black Labrador sister to play with. He went off  on his journey a very happy chappy!
Good morning,
I have attached a couple of photos of Ben who is now settling in really well.  This is our walk on the sunniest day last weekend and as you can see we are surrounded by heathland which he can zip around, with much freedom.  Inca and he are getting on well now and play a lot.
He has slotted in really well actually with no major problems at all.  He hasn’t even been barking too much.  I went for a ride yesterday and he was left with Inca and I know he barked a bit when I left but he was calm and quiet when I got back and seemed unbothered so I see that as a good sign.
 I plan to start some gundog training  after Christmas but like I mentioned before I think he will be quite clever with it and mostly enjoy it.  I need to transfer his obsession with balls over to dummies (then ducks).  Anyway – I will keep the pictures coming.  In the meantime  have a super Christmas and I hope you don’t get burdened with loads of unwanted pups after Christmas.
 A big thank you for Ben and all the work you have put into him and you can relax knowing he has found his home for life now.
Toria, Isla, William and Alex.
I can report Ben has had a lovely Christmas (he even nearly enjoyed a whole leg of Serano ham, caught after only a little bit of chewing!!). He is an absolutely lovely dog and we are loving him and his good cuddles he gives. New year is the start of his gun dog training and so far he heels really well, retrieves well and stays when I work the other dog. In fact he knows a lot already so I am now thinking of where to start!! His friend Inca and he play all the time and as a result they both look like racing dogs, full of muscles and trim. No major problems at all, he is good with the horses, cows, sheep (although secretly I know he wants to chase them) – I just have to hide the bin when we go out. Thanks for letting us have him and Happy New Year to you all.
Today Ben came with me for a ride and he LOVED it and a photo to show you.   It is the first where it was him and me on a horse (usually I have been walking and the kids have been riding).  I think he is going to be a great partner for me on my rides.  He continues to be a super dog and loved more each day.  Thank you.  Victoria x

ROCKY has gone to live near Llandewi Brefi with a family that he fell in love with as soon as he met them. He happily jumped in their car without a backward glance!

SPOT (now called TOBY) is happpily settled in with his lovely new family – Wendy & Gareth, near Haverfordwest. They met him, took him for a walk & decided he was definitely the dog for them. Thank you for making Spot the newest member of you family – the best Christmas present ever!
As you can see, Toby (Spot) has settled into family life perfectly and is spoilt rotten with lots of kisses and cuddles!! Thank you so much Animal Rescue Cymru for being so brilliant throughout the rehoming process and letting us have this gorgeous little lad!

FIZZ our Welsh part-bred pony, has fond a new home at last! He has gone to live with the lovely Anne & her beautiful mare Polly – so now Fizz has another pony for company. Thank you Anne for giving Fizz a new home & a new friend.

MAX & OLLY the two house cats, arenow living with two of our other cats on 12acres & will have lots of love & attention from Mary & her sister.

GEORGE has gone all the way to Wiltshire to live with a family that have just lost their yellow Lab & he will also have another dog for company. Enjoy your new life George – we know you’ll never be shut in a porch again!!
George now has his own blog –   where you can follow his progress with his new family.

ENZO has got a new home at last!! After spending 13 months with us, he has now gone to live with James in a lovely rural home, set in 4 acres. Thank you James for finally giving Enzo a second chance – we know it was love at first sight between you both.
Hello everyone!
Firstly, I would like to send a massive thank you to everyone at ARC for letting me adopt Enzo. He is gorgeous and has settled in very well. He sleeps on the bed with me at night, often with his head on the pillow, during the day, he has the choice of the three piece suite in the lounge (sofa and two armchairs) or his cushion on the floor, needless to say, he chooses the three piece suite, which is fine by me.
He has learnt not to bark or run to the fence that borders my garden and my Mum’s garden when he sees my Mum’s two dogs out, which is excellent. When he first saw them, he was barking and growling at the fence, but, with some calm words and training, he’s learnt not to, I’m so pleased with him. Hopefully, one day, they’ll learn to be friends, but, the progress Enzo has made in just four weeks I think is fantastic. He makes me laugh because when he sees one of Mum’s dogs barking at him through the fence, he just sits down, wags his tail, looks at me, as if to say “I’ve been a good boy, I haven’t barked, that must deserve a treat!” Both my Mum and my step-dad love him to bits, Mum has nick-named him “Teddy Bear”, because, he is really a big soft teddy bear.
I’ve taken him for walks around Aberaeron to keep up the socialising with people and he’s been perfect. The other day, I took him to the beach and had him on a long rope and he was in and out of the sea and running around really enjoying himself. He even tried to catch the waves in his mouth!! I’ve taken him for walks on the road as well and he’s perfect. He loves being in the car too.
In May, I’m hoping to go and see a friend of mine who lives in Norfolk and there’s a lovely pub/hotel near her that takes dogs, I’ve stayed there before, so, Enzo will be going on holiday for a few days!!
I’ve attached a couple of photos for you so that you can see he’s settled in well.
Once again, I am so grateful to you for letting me adopt him, it was definitely love at first sight.
I’ll update you again soon.
James (and a big hug from Enzo) x

MINNA the beautiful Bullmastiff is now living with Linda and has acquired a Labrador brother & a GSD sister, so she will have lots of doggy company & also she now has lots of land to play in. Thank you Linda for welcoming a “dreaded” bully breed into your family.

PENNY , one of the 3 “Terrible Triplets” has now gone to live with Gabby,her family & new Yorkie sister. They came all the way from Kent to collect her & stayed at a lovely,local, dog friendly B&B that we reccommend for all our visiting adopters. Have a good life Penny – no more breeding for you.

MAXI, the sweetest Border Terrier has gone to live in Southampton with Linda &  has gained a Border Terrier brother called Alfie. It is a perfect home for the lovely Maxi
Just to let you know we have all arrived back home safely. 
Maxi was brilliant in the car for first half of the journey back and then we had a short stop for exercise and a cup of tea at my sisters.  Maxi met my sister’s two dogs and they all took to each other.  She jumped back in the car with Alfie without any persuasion for the second half of the journey and again settled down and was quiet as a mouse for another two hours.  She trotted in the house, had a good sniff around, ate her dinner and then had a quick trip round the garden on a long lead.  It was dark so she didn’t spot the pond and was just happy to have a good sniff and do her toileting.  Maxi  has had a try of the dog bed in the kitchen,  a quick sniff at the dog bed in the study and totally ignored her own dog bed.  She jumped up on Malcolm’s lap to watch a bit of footie on the tv and has come for some ear massaging and tummy tickling from me.  Alfie bless him has just accepted her, didn’t care when she had a sniff of his food before turning back to her own  and he is carrying on as usual playing footie with his  ball and is quite happy for her to join in with the game. 
It has gone better than we could possibly have hoped for !  I rang Karen to update her on our safe arrival and how  Maxi was – she has done a brilliant job fostering  her.
Thank you for letting her come to us – it may be a honeymoon period at the moment but Maxi seems as laid back and socialised as Alfie so I’m confident any problems will be minor and quickly overcome.
Linda & Malc
ps – we are yet to hear her bark !

BELLE is an adorable mixed-breed girl who is now living with a lovely,retired couple near Cardigan. They have always had big dogs in the past, but fell in love with Belle the minute they set eyes on her, even though she is only a big dog in a little dog’s body!

QUEENIE, another  of the yorkie triplets, has gone to live with Glenda, her daughter & two new doggy sisters, one is another Yorkie – so she will have plenty of playmates!

LEO – the last of the Yorkie triplets has gone to North Wales to live with Debbie & her family & he will be spoilt rotten – just like he deserves.

MILO. Remember the the very nervous, shut-down,  yellow Labrador ?  Well he has found his perfect home! He has gone to live with the lovely John, who came all the way from Cheshire to see Milo. He even came in his caravan & stayed for a week & he spent almost every waking hour with Milo, getting to know him, gain his confdence & letting Milo get to know him. The transformation in Milo was extraordinary & Milo decided that this was the man he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. The final piece in this story was that when John came to collect Milo for his trip home – Milo ran up to John & greeted him like a long lost brother! This is what is so rewarding for us – to see the transformation in Milo & to know that he has found the perfect home. There are bound to be days when Milo will go backwards a few steps, but we are 100% confident that John will cope with this – THANK YOU  John for giving Milo the safe & loving home he needed.
(photos of Milo getting ready to go off to his new life)

DAISY the sweet little Cavalier King Charles has gone all the way to Lincolnshire to live with Sheena & her family. She has also gained a lovely Cav sister. It was a very long journey for Sheena to come to collect Daisy (almost 6 hours!), but it was worth every minute to see Daisy go off happily with her new family.

LILLY, the other part of the pair of lovely Cavalier King Charles,has gone to live with Cathy in Derbyshire & also has a Cav sibling to play with.

MARLEY the bouncy yellow Labrador is now living with a lovely Lab sister Daisy & Julie & David near Cardiff. Let’s hope they all enjoy their playtime!
Hi Yvonne
Marley is absolutely gorgeous dog, he is so playful and is just finding his way around. Daisy is spending most of her time sat down!  But I know and hope this will settle down soon. He was such a good boy on the long journey home. I know with plenty of exercise, stimulation, attention and love he will be perfect. I will send you photos and updates.  Hope everything will be ok with you.
Kind regards – Julie

NIBLET, the guinea pig has gone to live near Cardigan &  has made a little boy very happy!

LILLY & GINNY. Sadly we lost Ginny to old age, but Lilly has gone to live with the lovely Angelina & her husband in Cardiff. This is a very Lhasa experienced home & we’re sure Angelina will help Lilly overcome her grief at losing her best friend Ginny. Thank you Angelina for being so patient with Lilly.

SNOWY the puppy Westie is now living locally in an extended family & he is already a big part of the family. He will also be joining the local dog training club to help add to his already good manners.

POPPY – At last we have found the perfect home for Poppy, the Labrador -X ! She has gone to live near Machynlleth with the lovely Helena & her family. Thank you Helena for giving Poppy such a fabulous, loving home.

SOPHIE & DAISY, the two inseperables, have gone to live with a lovely retired couple in Hay on Wye & will enjoy all the fuss & attention they want.

SPOOK the  white cat with the black tail, has gone to live with Catherine & her other resident cat & has settled into a new life straight away. Thank you Catherine for giving such a loving home to Spook.

HARRY, the very sweet Chinese Crested -X is now living the life or riley with the lovely Geoffrey, near Aberystwyth & we know he will be spoiled rotten! Thank you Geoffrey for taking Harry into your heart & life.

DEXTER the black labrador, has not gone to a new home. His adopted family have decided to give him a permanent home as he was so settled with them.

BRAMBLE our pretty Jack Russell is now living with Margaret & Terry & has gained 2 brothers & 1 sister so she will always have doggy company. She will live a lovely active life with plenty of land to run around on & she is loving with a completely dog-mad couple!

TOTO was seen by Iris & it was love at first sight! He is now happily living locally, with lots of walks nearby & a stones throw from a fabulous beach which we are sure he will be visiting on a regular basis.

Out lovely HOLLY is now living a very spoilt & loving life with David, near Lampeter. They came to our kennels after seeing her on our website & it was love at first sight!  She is living in the middle ofthe country-side with all the wildlife for company. Idyllic

MAGGIE, the Dogue de Bordeaux – X is now living the life of Riley locally, with Freya & her partner, & has gained a doggy brother, so she will have lots of company & plenty of play-days.

MILLIE – the gorgeous Border collie has gone all the way to Coventry to live, has a HUGE garden to play in & will get lots of cuddles, we’re sure.

MINSTRAL (MINNIE) our beautiful chocolate Labrador has gone off happily to live with Alan & Debbie, who met her at our open day & fell for her charms straight away.

CWCI our sweet little J/R – X is now settled into her new home with Amelia and her cats & is loving the life she has now. Thank you Amelia.
Hi Yvonne
As promised here are some photos of Cwci.  Though she is rather mischievous, and still has the odd accident in the house, she is a delightful dog. Am still keeping her apart from the cat, baby gate at bottom of stairs as she does like to chase things, hopefully this will improve when she starts dog obedience/training classes in Sept.
Take care – Amelia 

GRUMBLEDOR, the spaniel whose name we all loved, has gone to live in Cannock with a family that had lost their beloved Cavalier earlier, so we know he will be loved forever.

EVIE our lovely, gentle Newfie is now living with a fabulous family in North Wales and has gained a very handsome Newfie brother. The last we heard – it was as if they had always been together!
Hi Yvonne,
Hope this email finds you well.
As promised here is an update re Evie’s progress and a few pictures for you.  
Again we would like to THANK YOU SO MUCH for allowing us to be her new family. We feel very blessed to have her and she’s settled in a dream, really can’t believe it.  
Now then, where to start! She’s literally settled as soon as she came through the front door. We’ve found that she REALLY loves her food and she has been, on occasion, a bit forthright when we eat but she is now starting to copy Fflint and just ignores us and lays down until its time for tea, which is polished off within seconds!
She’s been to my mum’s (Pic 1) and had a whale of a time with Tudwal (mum’s OES) in the garden plus on walks (Pic 2). We’ve let her off the lead and she’s abiding commands great although we are finding that she’s weary of people that we meet on the path and tends to be quite vocal at times. We past a fence posting machine the other day and she was not at all happy with it so told it off quite abruptly  – but obviously these are new experiences for her! As for the sheep and cattle, there’s been no problem.
Toys are very well received. We’ve found that she loves tennis balls and also soft toys which on occasion have come on walks with us in her mouth! She does not suckle them as Fflint does (Pic 3) but does like to carry them around. She does like her comforts and we’ve found that she likes to sleep on the sofa and when nobody’s watching she’ll go up to have a nosy out of the blinds! 
She travels in the van very well and has been out and about although not yet to the beach due to the stitches. We are hoping for dry weather this weekend to take her out for a day’s picnic at the beach. She did have a tea party with the little one at mums (Pic 1) but I think she wasn’t too pleased with imaginary food and drink!!! As seen in the video she has dipped her feet in the stream near home but I’m hoping she’ll really love the sea. 
Again we are so very grateful to have her and I extend my sympathy to the lady who had to make that painful decision of rehoming her. Even a week with this loveable landseer cements a lifetime’s commitment.
As always we promise to keep in touch.
Best wishes
Sera and all the gang! 

BLUE – the rabbit with attitude, has found a new home with a lovely lady who lives locally & who has lots of time to give him.

MONTY – has chosen Viv & John as his new family, who live quite locally, so we will get regular updates. He has about an acre to run round in & we know he will be thoroughly spoilt as well as loved.

JESSIE ,the friendly Jack-x-Springer has found the perfect home with a local retired couple who will treat her like a princess – which of cours, she deserves!.

BRONWEN has not only gained a new family, but also a new sister- Ellie! She is now living in a lovely rural area with plenty of land to run off all her energy & a playmate to chase balls with!

DEXTER has found his new, perfect home at last! Dexter is now living the dream with a lovely family in North Wales & they love him to bits! Thank you Lindsey & family for finally giving this beautiful boy a second chance at happiness.

MOLLY, the sweet poodle-x- beardie has found her perfect home with the lovely Jane & has also gained a brother & sister, so we know she will be treated like the princess she is.

BUTCH – the very handsome Staffie has happily gone off to his new home with the lovely Emma & Steven, a completely “Staffie-Mad” couple! . Thank you for taking this beautiful boy into your home & your hearts & we know Butch will be loved forever.
Hi Yvonne,
 We just wanted to say thank you for all your help, we picked up Butch this morning. He is a beautiful dog and at the moment he is in the garden playing ball with my partner.
Thanks Emma x

ROCCO the Pomeranian, has found the perfect home, not too far away & will have a visiting Pom to play with (& a very secure garden!) Good luck Rocco

TILLY, the senior J/R is now living the high life with her new family in Haverfordwest & they love her to bits!

ZEUS the English Bull Terrier has gone to join a fabulous family in Lancashire, who has sadly lost their previous Bull terrier not so long ago. Thank you John & family for giving Zeus such a loving new home.
SAD NEWS Due to the bigotted views of certain officials – Zeus was PTS on 10th March 2016. It’s always the Bully breeds that take the flack for some people’s misguided opinions on these very special type of dogs 
RIP ZEUS.  You didn’t deserve to die so young.

CHARLIE the Westie-x-Bichon has happly joined Sharon in her home, & we will be seeing lots more of him – as they will both be regular customers in our shop.

OLLIE one of the three Chinese cresteds that came in to us, has gone off happily to live near Haverfordwest with the lovely Tina & will have a doggy friend to play with in his new home.

MAX is happily living locally with Clive & his family. They saw his picture in our shop & immediately fell in love with him. After a visit to meet him it was only days to do the home check & for them to collect him. He will have the time of his life running around on their 20 acres!

MIKEY  the lovely Bassett-X went into a foster home, but the fosterer has fallen completely in love with him – so he will be staying & he has gained a Bassett brother & a Cavalier sister, so plenty of doggy friends to play with.

LIZZIE, known by us as Busy Lizzie the Lurcher has finally found her perfect home in Carmarthenshire with Robyn & her energetic family. Lizzie will certainly never be bored or need to look for company again.

JACK – (now called ALFIE), the young Chihuahua-X-Yorkie is now in a permanent foster home. After he was signed over to ARC, we discovered that he had suffered a trauma to his spine, which left him with a strange walking motion. Our vets advised that this condition would not improve & may well deteriorate as Jack got older. We took the decision to keep him in our care so that we could monitor his condition. He is not in any pain & copes quite well with his disability, so we hope to help improve his life with some hydrotherapy & we will look into acupuncture for him later on. In the mean time he will be well looked after in his foster home, where he will have the company of 3 other dogs & 12 acres to run around in.
SAD NEWS: Sadly Alfie’s condition worsened suddenly & we took the decision to stop his pain & suffering. RIP brave little Alfie – we will all miss you, especially your fosterer & your terrier friend – Herbie.

DINO is happily living with Tony in his lovely dog-friendly home & will have lots to occupy him on Tony’s 4 acres.

LOLA met her new owner almost as soon as she came in to us & it was love at first sight! We will be seeing more of her as she is living locally & will probably visit our kennels sometimes.
JACK, one half of the Yorkshire Terrier puppies, is now living locally & has another lovely dog as a playmate, so will be a busy boy playing with his new brother.

BERTIE our sweet little Chinese Crested has gone all the way to London to live with the lovely Thomas & his fabulous family. Thank you Thomas for coming all that way to collect your new family member – we just know Bertie will be spoiled rotten!

TARA our beautiful German Shepherd, has gone all the way to Shropshire to live with Peter & his family. Judging by all the kisses they got when they came to collect her, we feel she has chosen the perfect family to spend the rest of her life with! We look forward to lots of photos.
Hello Yvonne, Just to say everything is well here. Tara settling in nicely and thank you, Peter & Viv
      Hi Yvonne, I think we will keep her 🙂 although she will  eat anything that is left on kitchen units when you’re back is turned like a cheese cake we were having for tea the other night, but she is a sweet girl and it’s as if she has always been here, regards Peter.

JILL –  (now called TIA), the other half of the Yorkie puppies, is now living with a lovely, Yorkie-mad family in the Rhondda and judging by all the sparkly collars & coats they bought with them when they collected her, she is going to be treated just like a princess!

BOB – the very handsome border collie has found his forever home with Colin & Barbara, who came all the way from Saddleworth to collect him for his journey to a new life. Thank you both for giving Bob another loving home –  his previous owner will be delighted to read this, as it was a very hard decision for her to give him up.

DAISY, our older Boxer, was snapped up by a lovely lady who was originally looking for a small dog! She just fell in love with Daisy & Daisy is now living the quiet life she so deserves. She is living quite local to us, so we will be seeing more of her & her new family. Good luck Daisy in your retirement.

AFON, our beautiful blue merle Cocker Spaniel is now living near LLandysul with the lovely Claire & he has over 20 acres to run around in, together with a very handsome Labrador & a cute springer spaniel, so he will never run out of things to do. Thank you Claire and family for allowing Afon to choose you all as his new family!

BENJI has found his ideal home after being with us for such a long time. He is living locally with the lovely Roger and Roger’s beautiful, senior Akita girlie. They get on like a house on fire! Thank you Roger for giving Benji such a loving new home.

HONEY the 9 month old Bichon Frise didn’t even stay long enough to hit our website. She has gone to live with Tom & his family near Cardigan. Tom met Honey when her fosterer was out walking her, & it was instant attraction. One home check later & Honey was settled in her new home “like she had always been there!”

IZZY one of our really long stayers has finally found her perfect home with Marilyn, who lives quite locally. Yaaaayyy!  Izzy had been with us for almost 2 years, but is now living with Marilyn & lots of land to run around in. She will have all the love & attention she wants. Thankyou Marilyn for giving this beautiful girl her forever home AT LAST!

GUS (now known as Dusta) went into a foster home & stayed ! He has the company of a lovely chocolate Lab girlie & a busy, energetic family that will keep him occupied. He is also enroled in his first training class in a couple of weeks – so we expect great things of him! Thank you Lesley for being a “failed fosterer!”

TILLY the sweet little Yorkie-X wasn’t with us more than 5 mins when she was adopted by a lovely man who had just lost his dog, sadly, through kidney failure (one he had adopted from us some time ago). He just found life so empty without a dog – so off went Tilly to her new home & lots of cuddles!

ROXY the lovely lab-x girlie that we all fell in love with, has found her perfect home with Nick & his family – & as they are fairly local, we may see more of her in her new life. She will have plenty of land to play in, company all day long & lovely children to keep her active. Thank you Nick & Christine for taking this adorable girl into your home & giving her the kind of lifestyle that she deserves.

RHUBARB & CUSTARD – one of the bonded pairs of rabbits, are now living loccally with a lovely family where they will have a wonderful life.

HONEY the lively young Cocker spaniel-X has gone to live with Susan & her family near LLandysul & will have the company of 4 other dogs to play with in lots of acres, so she can run to her heart’s content.

BISCUIT has found her perfect family. They met her at our Open Day & it was love at first sight. Then, after her home check, they bought her her own arm chair, so it looks like she will be living like a queen from now on. Thank you Roger for taking this lovely girl into your home & your hearts.

BUBBLE & SQUEAK, the bonded pair of rabbits have gone to live with a lovely family in Carmarthen & by the look of things – will be in rabbit utopia with all the room they will have to run around in.

LUCKY – who had been with us for almost 18 months, met & fell in love with his new family today & couldn’t wait to go off in the car with them to his new life. If ever a family was made for a dog – it was Joanne & Anthony’s family. Lucky by name & now lucky forever!

POPPY, the beautiful spaniel-x has gone off happily with her new owner – all the way to East Sussex! She has gone to help fill a hole left by the sudden death of the lady’s  husband & it was clear to see, when they set off on their journey, that they were going to bring comfort & joy to each other. Here’s to a full & loving life to both of them.

LOUIS (now called LEWI), the gorgeous Saluki-X is now happily living with Jean. She wasn’t really looking to adopt a dog, just foster one – but when she met Louis she was smitten. Needless to say- Louis thought likewise! Thank you Jean.

JAKE, one half of the “twins” that originated in Romania, has gone off happily to live with Colvin & his family near Caernarfon. Thank you Colvin for giving Jake a loving home.

SHANI, the lovely Cocker spaniel went off happily to her new home & jumped in the car without backward glance. Thank you Kate for your patience in collecting Shani.

BENNY, one of our long-stayers has now found his perfect home locally, with a lovely lady that has had Labrador types all her life. She came almost every day to take Benny out for walks & he couldn’t wait for her to arrive at the kennels. So – a match made in heaven!

BACH has found his perfect permanent foster home with Lynne, and although he is a little way from the kennels, he is still near enough to visit us from time to time. He has also landed on his paws – as he has 6 acres to run around in & permanent human company all the time. A match truly made in heaven !

BOB the other half of the “twins” has gone to live with a lovely family near Aberystwyth & is having the best time.

BRUNO is now living with the lovely Jane, who met him while we are at Pembrey, & immediately fell in love with him. He will also have a sister-dog to keep him company & play games with him

NEO, the fabulous Mastiff-X is now living near Llanelli with a beautiful Bull Terrier called Cassie for company. Thank you Andrew for taking this gentle giant into your home & we look forward to lots of photos. We are all going to miss this lovely dog.

WHISPER – the cat-labrador & a beautiful champagne ginger colour has gone all the way to North Wales & will be well loved & cherished, we’re sure.

KINDA – who originally came from Romania with Bruno, is now living a wonderful life in a beautiful, rural home, “Far from the Madding Crowd” & as it is local – we will still get to see her. She has  also gained a doggy sister & brother. Thank you Gill for giving Kinda a fabulous home.

COCO the bautiful Cocker Spaniel-X-Poodle has gone all the way to Oxfordshire and will have the company of a lovely J/R for a playmate.

BELLE, our beautiful Border Collie has gone off happily with Gordon to her new home in North Wales. They will be wonderful company for each other & hopefully have a full & happy life together. Thank you Gordon for falling in love with Belle & giving her a wonderful home.

NALA has gone to live near LLandysul with the lovely Julia & will have a beautiful Collie to play with in the fields. Thank you Julia for giving Nala her forever home. Her previous owner will be delighted to know that she will be a loved & loving companion.

OSCAR, one of our long-stayers, has finally found his ideal home with Tim & Angela, near Aberystwyth. He is in seventh heaven with all the land & interesting smells to enjoy & we know he has finally found his forever home. Thank you Tim & Angela for giving Oscar his perfect home.

SCRAPPY has at last found a new home! He has gone to live with Liz in Hampshire, who was completely unfazed by his escape antics & loved his character. Thank you Liz for giving Scrappy what we know will be his perfect home.

OLLIE the handsome, senior Rough Collie is now living with a groomer. She fell in love with him while she was grooming him (& he fell for her!), so off he went in the blink of an eye. Good  Luck Ollie in your lovely, new retirement home, & of course – we will get regular updates.

CHARLIE  the handsome Shar Pei has gone to a breed rescue, where he will stand a better chance of finding his forever home.

ZAC the friendly Jack Russell  has found his new forever home with Chris in north Wales after his previous owner sadly passed away. Thank you Chris for putting the sunshine back into Zac’s life & he’ll reward you with all the love & kisses he can give!

JACK  our cute Lurcher puppy has gone all the way to Leicester to live with David & Sarah & his new doggy Lurcher sister Brennie. We’re sure that Jack & Brennie will keep David & Sarah on their toes!

MOLLY, the English Mastiff who came in with her brother Max, has gone to  live with Roger & his mastiff-X Benji (another one of ARC’s dogs). We couldn’t put Molly up for rehoming when she came in as she was very shut down after coming from unsuitable living conditions. Now, however, she has truly landed on her paws with Roger & is blossoming into the beautiful, confident girl we knew she could be, We can’t thank you enough Roger, for your patience in spending endless hours with Molly at the kennels, & now for giving her a second chance in a loving, friendly home (& thank you Benji for helping her learn to be a confident dog – keep up the good work!).

JACK the lively Shih Tzu has gone all the way to Nottingham to live with Rita & we’re sure that he’ll keep Rita on her toes! Thank you Rita for giving this lad a second chance.

BENJI the collie-x-springer has gone to live in Gwent with Paul, his family & a lovely girlie sister . Benji will also be able to enjoy some agility close to where Paul lives, so it will be an active life for Benji.Just what the doctor ordered!

IOLO has found his new forever home with the lovely Anita, who lives quite near us & who,co-incedentallly, knew Iolo’s previous owner (who sadly passed away), so a match made in heaven – so to speak!

MARLEY & LOUIS have both gone to live with the lovely Doreen as she felt that two dogs were just as easy as one & both dogs got on so well in the kennels that it wa a shame to separate them.

MAGGIE is now living in the beautiful county of Pembrokeshire after winning the hearts of Martin & his wife! She will have  fabulous life with all the walks that she will be having.