Happy in their New Homes

BEN the fabulous collie was only with us a matter of days before he found his new home. He will be loved & cherished by his new family & – as he is living locally – we hope to see him again.

RUBY the Patterdale, has now found her perfect home with Richard & – as she is living locally – we hope to see a lot of her . Thank you Richard.

ROXIE the beautiful Bengal has found her perfect home in the countryside with the lovely Tina & all her other animals. There are plenty of fields for Roxie to go hunting in & she will have a fabulous life there. Thank you Tina for giving Roxie her new forever home.

WILFIE made a fantastic recovery from his cherry eye & dental operations & on Sunday, he went off happily with Vivien to his new forever home in Lancashire. He will have a wonderful life & now has a lovely Chinese Crested sister to keep him company. Thank you Vivien for giving Wilfie a second chance.

LACEY has found her new home with the lovely Lois in Worcester & will be treated like the queen she thinks she is, we’re sure!

BUSTER, the Labrador x Daxi has started his new life with a fabulous couple in Aberystwyth & will be very spoilt, judging by the number of toys & beds they have bought for him! He’s living just across the road from the beach,so will have a whale of a time in the sea!

DUGGEE, the Bichon x Cocker spaniel is now living with Katie & her family in Leicestershire & seems like he’s already found his spot on the sofa!

BEN our lovely friendly Patterdale has started his new life with Gill & her husband in Cardiff. Thank you both for giving this handsome boy another chance at life, especially as Ben is blind. Keep up the good work & lots of photos please.

CHASE our energetic Lab x Collie has started his new life with Bleddyn & his partner in Powys & as they are experienced owners of this cross, they will be able to work on his training & give him lots to do. Thank you for giving Chase a new start.

SIDNEY & OREO, the 2 rats are now living the high life in Pembrokeshire

PENNY the Beagle puppy went off to her new home in Pembrokeshire as soon as the home check was completed & passed. Her new family couldn’t wait for her to join them!

JASPER the handsome chihuahua has started his new life in North Wales & is loving all the attention he’s getting now.

MILO the French bulldog has started his journey all the way to Scotland to begin his new life with a lovely family who will spoil him rotten!

HUNTER (now called ELVIS) , the French bulldog – went off happily to his new home in Northamptonshire with Linzi & her family & will be completely spoilt we’re sure.

CHEWI the handsome Shih Tzu has settled into his new home with Charmaine & is very local to us, so we hope to see lots more of him.

MEG our lovely collie girl has started her new life with Camille & has settled into her new life in Staffordshire. Thank you Camille for taking on this lovely, if a little nervous girl. We are confident that she will blossom with you.

JAC (now called JACKSON) – the very handsome collie is living happily with Neil & his mum in Staffordshire & it was love at first sight when they met him for the first time.

OLLIE has travelled all the way to London to live with live his new family & will be enjoying the life of riley now.

HONEY  is now living locally with a lovely family & will be enjoying her life being able to run & play in fields.

POPPY the lovely Springer has travelled all the way to Telford & has settled in really well. She has also gained a beautiful spaniel sister.

SASHA, the lovely Lab X Husky is settled into her new home with John & Carolyn & has plenty of love & kisses to give to her new family (& lots of lovely walks in the country-side!)

FRED our senior Jack Russell is now happily living the high life with Dorothy & is local so we will see lots of him.

BUZZ the Bichon has gone all the way to Lancashire to live & has gained a lovely Bichon brother to play with.

TOFFEE the happy staffie has found her perfect home with Maria & is very local – so we hope to see lots of them both. Thank you Maria for taking on one of those “terrible” Staffies

GWEN, our collie, has started her new life with Annie & is living a stone’s throw from Poppit Sands, so she will have lots of fun on the beach. Thank you Annie for taking this lovely girl & giving her a fresh start in life.

LEWI, our troubled Saluki X has started his new life with Gwyneth in Shrewsbury & has gained a brother, so he will have lots of company & love. Thank you Gwyneth for giving Lewi a happy, loving home & travelling all the way to collect him. We look forward to lots of updates & photos.

TILLY the lovely Shih Tzu is now living a very spoiled life with Heather & as she is living locally – we hope to see lots of her.

BUDDIE has started his new life with the lovely Paul all the way from Cheshire. Thank you Paul for giving this friendly boy a loving, forever home.

MARLEY & MOUSE, the lovely Savanah cats have been adopted by Mary & her family & are now living the life of Riley in Pembrokeshire.

KODA (now called Henry), the handsome lurcher is now living locally with the lovely Pam & Roger & we hope to meet up with him in the future.

SPROCKET,  the lively Springer x collie has settled well in her new home near Llandysul & is gained a doggy sister to play with. Thank you John for giving Sprocket the kind of home she is used to .

WOLFIE ,the beautiful Husky x has now settled in with his new family in Aberystwyth & within an hour in his new home, he was giving them lots of cuddles (& getting lots!)

ROXIE the little Jack Russell has happily gone off to her new home near LLandysul & will have a lovely playful chihuahua for company.

DOUG the young Border Collie has gone to live in North Wales with Gordon, who adopted Belle (another Border Collie) from ARC sometime ago. Thank you Gordon, for taking on another bundle of energy!

TAP – the very sad Yorkie, has now started a new, happy life with Marilyn & her 2 other rescue Yorkies & is living the life of riley! Thank you Marilyn for giving Tap a second chance of love.

ROSIE  the lovely Pug X has found her perfect home with Ben & has also gained a friendly terrier sister.  She is living quite lacally, so we hope to see lots of her with her new family.

LOGAN, the handsome standard Poodle is now living with Katie & her partner in Pembrokeshire & loving his new life.

TOBY the energetic chocolate Labrador is happily on his way to Kent to live with Clare & her family. Thank you Clare for making the long journey to collect your new family member. Don’t forget – he is a chocolate!

Just thought you may like to see a few photos of Toby in his new home and with the other member of the family, who you didn’t meet, Will. Larry (the lobster) is still a firm favourite and he loves the Kong (what a surprise!). He is walking to heel very nicely on the lead and sits and waits on command if we have to cross a road. We want to ensure 100% confidence before we let him off the lead on walks but think you’ll agree he looks as if he’s settling in really well. The water issue seems to be resolved- he is leaving water in his bowl now instead of feeling the need to empty it every time. Thank you again. We will keep you updated.  From us all,  Clare.

Toby at the beginning of his journey to his new home


MAISIE was happy to go off to her new home with Shirley & has gone all the way to near London & we know she will be loved & spoilt forever!

OLAV the beautiful Bichon went off happily to his new home on the Wirral. It must have been love as Tina came to collect him on one of the worst weather days in Wales!  Well done Tina for braving the weather to take your new family member home.

POLLY, the lovely senior Jack Russell is now living with Hugh in Cardiff & will be a wonderful companion for him & him for Polly. Thank you Hugh for taking on this older girlei. The oldies so often get overlooked.

MANNY has gone to live with the lovely Johnathon in Kent, who has all the patience in the world to let Manny settle into his new home. Thank you Johnathon for giving Manny that perfect home.
RUBY – the Patterdale -X is going to stay in a permanent foster home for her lifetime.
COSTA has gone to live locally with Jenny & her husband & has already settled into his new home like he’s always been there.
LACEY our first Airedale has gone all the way to Portsmouth to live with a couple who have had Airedales forever. In fact, Lacey will be their seventh, so they know the breed well. She settled instantly into her new home & is already making herself at home!
PHARAOH wasn’t with us long before a lovely local couple came to meet him & instantly fell in love with him. He is living quite locally so we hope to see him often.
FLOYD, the beautiful Cocker spaniel, is now living the life of luxury in Carmarthenshire, where he will have acres to play in.

LEWI has found his perfect home with Peter in Aberporth &  they will keep each other company & share all the laughter & fun a pug -x can bring into a home.

HARRY the lurcher has chosen to live with Dave & his wife in a lovely rural setting with plenty of room for him to run & have fun.
PLUTO HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!  At last we have found the perfect home for Pluto, after he had been with us for nearly 2 years. He has joined a lovely couple in Aberystwyth & he is going to be spoilt for the rest of his life. Thank you to you both for giving this fresh start to Pluto & not being put off by his breed.
SKYE out three-legged Husky has now joined Declan & his family in Aberystwyth & judging by the way she launched herself at Declan when he came to collect her – she is going to be thoroughly spoilt rotten & loved enormously. Thank you Declan for taking this lovely girl into your family – we will all miss her.
REGGIE the adorable puppy has now joined his new family in Pembrokeshire. They met him at Cardigan Show & it was instant love. One home check later & Reggie was off to his new life.

     Reggie settling in.

BONNIE our friendly & loving Yorkie is now settled in her new home with Graham, and as she won’t ever have to go in a car – she will never get car sick again!
TIGGER the cute 12 week old Staffy puppy has gained a brother & sister & will be loving his new life in the country. Thank you Millie & hubby for giving Tigger a new start in life.
SHADY is now living out his retirement with a lovely lady & her husband who live quite locally, so we hope to get lots of updates, but he has plenty of acres to roam round in & we’re sure he will be a happy cat in his senior years.
BATTY & SHANDY have both been adopted by a local, retired couple who just couldn’t choose – so decided to adopt them both. As they have plenty of land – these two will be in seventh-heaven every day!
JETT our lovely greyhound has gone to live with Paul & his partner near Tregaron & has gained a lovely whippet brother who is just like a mini-version of Jett. She will have plenty of open spaces to chase the rabbits & play!
LLEW  has gone all the way to Devon to live with Jaqueline & her husband & has settled in beautifully.
MILLIE has been adopted by dog lover Jennifer & has gained a Jack Russell brother called giving Millie a home in her senior years.
NELL  the lovely red & white collie has gone to live fairly locally with Martin & Jane, who run an eco-friendly camp site, so she will have plenty to occupy her & lots of wonderful friends, both canine & human. A perfect home for a lovely young girlie.
TURBO our chihuahua – x has started his new life with Colin in Pembrokeshire, so we hope to hear lots of news about how he’s settled in. Good Luck Colin – he’s not called Turbo for nothing!
DUKE has left the building AGAIN! Poor Duke came back to us from his distraught adopters due to their ongoing health issues & we thought that we would have him for a long time again, but no – a lovely young man came to see him & fell instantly in love with him, so Duke was more than happy to join him in his home. He lives locally, so we are hoping to see a lot of Duke & Brian in the future.
LEILA has gone to her new home in Oxfordshire to live with John & Jill & their other 2 dogs. She will love all the fuss & attention that she will get from her new family.
BUSTER, our bowl-carrying Lab – x has happily settled into his new life with the lovely Alun & his wife all the way up in Caernarveon. Enjoy your new life Buster.
VINNIE has joined Linda & is fairly local, so we hope to see a lot more of him. He has settled into his new home as if he’s always been there.
Mr TIBBS – the senior Terrier-X is now spending his retirement with the lovely John, who lives locally. Tibbs will really enjoy all the fuss & attention.
ROSIE our cute little French Bulldog puppy was snapped up by a lovely local lady who had just lost her Frenchie & was so keen to have another one of these special dogs. Rosie will now be living the life of a princess!
CARDI, the Cavalier has gone all the way to the Isle of Wight to begin his new life with Angela & her husband.
VINNIE, our gorgeous Border Terrier -X went off happily with Maggie & her other half, all the way to the Wirral to begin his new life & be spoilt rotten!
 This is from Vinnie’s new owners  – Hi Yvonne, Vinnie is settling in great we love him he’s a great little pup and my family and their dogs love him too! Thanks so much for helping us and Vinnie find each other! Thought I’d share some photos with you.
LAIKA the Bavarian Mountain Hound has happily joined Ben & his family all the way over in Skegness!  A very long way to come Ben, but worth every mile, to be able to go home with our very special boy. Lots of photos please.
JESSIE the adorable Jack Russell – X decided that she would love to live with George & Linda in Pembrokeshire & she has chosen well. Jessie is now living the dream!
BELLA – well we didn’t have Bella 5 mins before she was being home checked! Fabulous home & so off she went to start her new life in W. Sussex with the lovely Carole. A long journey, but worth it we are sure!
MISTY the handsome Springer Spaniel has gone all the way to Kent to live with Jeff & his wife & we know he will be the perfect new addition to cheer Jeff’s wife up.
DOTTIE has traveled all the way to Wiltshire to her new home with a lady who has had collies before & will give Dottie all the long walks she needs (& no sheep!)
RUBY has left the building! Ruby, the fabulous Rottie has finally found her perfect home with a retired couple who are real Rottie lovers. She will be loved & spoilt rotten & ha he place booked in front of the fire (& maybe on the sofa?) Thank you Liz & hubby for taking Ruby into your lovely home after she’d been with us for so long. We just knew there was the perfect home out waiting for her somewhere & we have found it at last!


COCO is enjoying her retirement with a retired lady who already had a space reserved for Coco on her sofa!
TEALA, one of our long-stayers has finally fond her perfect home! She has gone to live with a lovely young man in Aberystwyth who had a sofa just waiting for her!

GEORGE has gone all the way to Cheshire to start his new life & will be thoroughly  spoilt.
MILLIE the Collie-X-Kelpie didn’t even get onto our website before a lovely lady saw her & fell instantly in love with her. 1 home check later & Millie was off to her new home. She is living locally & we will see lots of her as she will probably come back to board at the kennels.
BUDDY is now living the life of luxury, right by the beach & will enjoy all the fuss & attention to make up for being shut away from life in a shed!
SAMANTHA the snake has gone all the way to Liverpool to live with a young family who will enjoy looking after her.
MONTY the Lab puppy is now living with very experienced Lab owners, & with another chocolate Labrador called Milo ( adopted from ARC ).  When they came to meet him, he jumped straight into their car with Milo & off they went! David & his wife will have their work cut out, but are looking forward to the challenge. As they only live in Pembrokeshire – we will get lots of updates. Watch this space!
APPLE, the lovely cream German Shepherd has gone to live with Phil & his wife who sadly lost their Shepherd earlier this year. They are very experienced GSD owners & will give Apple all the love & cuddles she deserves.
MOLLY the lovely Bichon has gone to live with Barry in Bridgend & will be treated like the princess that she is.
ANOTHER TILLY, the sweet little Bichon has gone to live with John & his wife in Pembrokeshire & has gained a Bichon sister called Lilly. Hope they don’t get too confused!
TWM has found his perfect home at last! He most definitely chose Kathy to live with, he even wanted to get in her car to go home with her on their first meeting. We are looking forward to lots of updates.
TILLY the Staffie puppy is now living with one of our volunteers, who helps at the kennels & fell in love with her as soon as he saw her! She will also have a new brother staffie to play with, so she’s really landed on her paws!
BUNNY has gone to live with one of our volunteers, her son & 2 cats. He has really landed on his paws & is being spoilt rotten!
MILLI & KELSI the two mischievous Labradors have gone all the way to Scotland to start their new life. Thank you Alison for making the very long journey to come & collect them & we hope they don’t get into too much trouble!
BO, one of our long stayers, is now living locally with Lesley & her husband, who fell in love with her the moment they met her.  This is what she said after 24 hours:
 Bo has settled down so well  it is as if she has lived here with us all of her life. She walked in yesterday as if she knew the place, took over the log burner. She didn’t know what to make of the tortoise though, she keeps pushing her around like she’s a stone. Good job the tortoise doesn’t mind!
She keeps going down the garden and having a good sniff round getting her bearings and marking her territory.
Abbey the lab is just laid back about her, jack Russell trying to boss her but Bo isn’t taking  him on. 
I will send some pics again to you. Regards  – Lesley
ANGEL our beautiful cat has gone to live with John & Joyce. It was love at first sight!
MONTY – the cute little Yorkie is now living the high-life with Tony & Carole in Essex & will enjoy his play-time on the beach with his new family, as well as being spoilt rotten!
BUSTER our cute Westie is now living in doggy heaven with Ron & his wife all the way up in Yorkshire. Thank you Ron for making the long journey to meet Buster & we know it was love at first sight.
LOUIS our senior Weimarmaner has gone to live with a lovely family who came all the way from Berkshire to meet him. It was love at first sight & Louis was in their car before we could stop him! Thank you Helinda for giving Louis a perfect retirement home.
PIP the lovely Beagle-X has gone to live with Hilary & her husband as as they are local, we hope to see more of them. Pip will love her new life on all that land & with ponies for company.
DOLLY , (that much maligned Staffie breed!) was only with us for 1 week before Keiran & his family met her, fell instantly in love with her, & she with them. She couldn’t wait to join her new family & has also gained a lovely doggy brother to play with. Thank you Keiran for giving Dolly a new, loving home.
REGGIE . We’re pleased to say that Reggie, who was everyone’s favourite boy, has gone back to live with his original family! They were able to change their lifestyle so that they could  take Reggie back to a home where he would not be left alone for very long, & also they still had a huge hole in their life that only Reggie could fill! Thank you Claire for making all those changes & putting Reggie’s needs above your own. We will miss him terribly, but judging by the way he greeted you – he probably won’t miss us one little bit!
STORM  (now known as SCOOBY) has travelled all the way to Loughborough to join her new family. They first saw her at the Nevern show, where we had taken her for a day out, & they fell instantly in love with her. One more visit to spend time with her, & after their home check – off went Storm to join her family & also her new brother.
MARY & MAUREEN, out beautiful Bengals, have gone all the way to West Sussex to live with Karen & her husband, who have had this exotic breed before, so know all their little ways. We didn’t envy them the long journey in the car with 2 singing cats!
GOGI,CERI & NELSON ,have been adopted by a lovely couple who have 14 acres & so they will all be having the time of their lives doing what cats are meant to do – hunting!
ELMO our adorable chocolate Labrador puppy will be living the high life with Lisa, on her 80 acres , her family & her chocolate Labrador girlie. We take our hats off to you Lisa for getting yet another (challenging) choccy! We look forward to lots of photos!
PENELOPE our mini-Daxie, is now living a lovely life with her new family. Third time lucky!
BAILEY, who was fostered by his original owner, has gone off happily to live with a lovely family in Cardiff, where he will not have to put up with his sister’s bossiness any more!
FFION went on her first train journey to live with the lovely Ceri in Cardiff & is being treated like the princess she thinks she is!
TRUDI , the lovely Cairn-X puppy is happily gone to live with Greg & his family near Neath & settled in almost immediately. We look forward to lots of fabulous photos!
OSCAR (or mini-Oscar as we like to call him!) has found his perfect home with Mary & has also gained a lovely Westie sister to play with.
TALBOT our Bearded Dragon is now living with Stewart who is very experienced with these reptiles.
SMOKEY has gone to live with the lovely Betty as a permanent foster dog where he can live out his life with plenty of cuddles & kisses! Thank you Betty for offering Smokey a forever home, even at his time of life.
VELLA the senior Weimaraner, has gone all the way to Scotland to live with a lovely couple who will treat her like the princess she is, & where she can spend her retirement is beautiful countryside & peace & quiet.
SUSIE the beautiful chocolate Patterdale will have all the protection she could need as she has gone to join Andy, who is in the police force. As she is only in Pembrokeshire, we hope to see her from time to time. Thank you Andy for giving Susie a new life.
BUSTER our lovely Collie-X is now living with a Collie-x sister (another ARC dog) & is enjoying his life with his new family, & he will have plenty to keep him occupied, including watching the chickens!
MAX has at last found his new forever home! After such a terrible start to his life, we’re pleased to say that Max has found his perfect new home with Lorna & her lovely family, who had a huge empty sofa with Max’s name on it! Thank you Lorna for having all the love & patience to offer Max in his new life.
OSCAR went off happily with George & his wife to start his new life. He made such an impression when they met him that they couldn’t wait for him to join them in their lovely rural home. We just know he will be spoilt rotten by them!
HECTOR, the mini dachshund is living the high-life with Sally & her family & has gained a lovely doggy sister to keep him company. We are sure he will be spoilt rotten.
JASMINE has gone top live with the lovely Dan in Swansea & will go everywhere with him, so she will be spoilt rotten! 
ROCI, yet another of our lovely cats is now living locally & has another cat for company, which he will love.
OLIVE, our lovely tabby cat is now settling in with her new family in Pembrokeshire. Lucky Olive!
POPI, the ginger cat who came in with her brother Roci, is now living in the country & has gained a new young brother. Enjoy your new life Popi.
TYSON, our lovely blue Staffie has gone to live locally with a Staffie-mad family & we know he will be loved & cherished by them – just as he deserves!
BELLA, the beautiful girl who originally came in with her mother, is now living the life of luxury with John & his family & has also gained a GSD brother. Bella was so in love with John that she tried several times to jump in his car as he was leaving, after taking her for walks at the kennels – even before we had done the home check! It seems that this was definitely a case of Bella choosing her new family! Thank you John for giving Bella what we know will be a loving forever home.
Bella (on the left) sharing her sofa with her new brother!
LEXI our fabulous Dogue de Bordeaux has gone to live with Mathew, who just loved the breed & had been owned by Dogues in the past. When Mathew came to meet Lexi, she decided there & then that this was the person she wanted to go home with, & promptly smothered him in kisses. Sorry Mathew! We look forward to lots & lots of photos.
 Lexi enjoying her new life.
PEACHES ,the lively Pug-X  has found her perfect home with a lovely couple who live locally, so we will be seeing her quite often.
SCRUFFY the Border Terrier has now gained a Border Terrier sister, & although he was a little cautios initially, she managed to win him over with her charms & they both went happily back to Nottingham  for the start of Scruffy’s new life.
DYLAN, the Terrier-X is now living with a lovely lady from Llanidloes who just fell in love with him at first sight & he adores her!
BEX (now called Lucy),has gone to live with Hilary & her husband who live locally & instantly fell in love with her the moment they met her. She will be in seventh heaven now in her new home.
Lucy settling into her new home.
BESSIE our toe-less mini Schnauzer has made the long journey to Essex to meet her new family, both human & doggy & we are sure that she will be spoilt rotten by everybody. Thank you Sarah for giving Bessie  a loving home &  the chance of a normal life, even without her toes on her back feet
Bessie looking just like the princess she is in her new home!